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the transforming fire

March 31, 2009



The Transforming Fire



When love sweeps us

 into welcoming arms,

we are mercifully unaware

of the ways

 it will draw us into

  the pain

of transformation.


 As surely as it blesses us

with sweetness,

it will destroy

the castles of illusion

we have built around us

and leave

us in the ruins.


With our broken hearts

and injured wings,

we long

 for those who will tend

to our wounds

and will be with us

in the pain.



Love breaks our hearts,

then heals them.

Love bewilders us,

leaves us wandering and lost,

 then lights the way

to lead us



What else but the power

of love

 could possibly free us

from the delusion

that we are in control

of anything

in this life!


As love holds out

its arms,

we rise from the ashes

and we weep in remembrance

of the beauty and pain,

and we cry out,

yes, yes, yes.




Painting by Rassouli



the spring of love

March 30, 2009





the spring of love is the living stream

that becomes

 the flowing water of life

the pure crystal catching the sun

to guide its rays


the spring of love is the eye of God

that keeps the vigil

to watch over creation

to be awake

and present to all life


the spring of love is the source

of healing

of growth and evolution

of revelation

and of all new birth


the spring of love is the bread

of life broken

for our use and offered

as a grace

of communion


the spring of love is the sweet song

  of the heart

singing the soul awake

and inviting

us to live the joy


the spring of love is the expression

from the well

of the deep mystery

of how

we came to be


the spring of love is the moment

when past

becomes the present

and the future

 turns to welcome us


 the spring of love is when truth

comes to call

and eternity opens

its doors

to every heart



















the deep kiss of solitude

March 29, 2009



i am present to the blank page

 of morning of something wanting to be expressed

 hovering in the energy

around me and within me

beyond me

i close my eyes and offer a path

to allow the morning

to announce itself


  sometimes the words cannot hold

the flood of liquid gold

that comes as morning light

and they burst

into a meadow filled with

 golden yellow flowers

covered with fluttering butterflies

turning words into eyes

that behold beauty


when love opens lips to speak

there can be a silence

so alive that

  no sound is needed

except to feel the breath

that lingers there

melting thought into love

as it breathes us

into love





On the wings of love

March 26, 2009




 Love is the most powerful energy

in the world, rising and expanding in your heart

at this very moment to set you free!

the price of love

March 25, 2009


the price of love



 a primal scream rips through

the night sky

trying to tear open the

veil of darkness

 angels sing so softly

  the purity brings

 the crowning light of dawn


eyes sigh and cry

and weep tears tinged

with the blood of broken hearts

weary of longing pain

as wave after wave of scalar light

cleanses and washes away

  the endless years


is it too much to ask for a touch

too indulgent to seek

the bliss of a single kiss

from a God of Love

or is this divine chain around

the heart what we must

 bear for love


beauty comes on borrowed breath

and innocence blooms

from a dying child

laughter carries its own

kind of pain

and light from the sun soon

 becomes the rain


the dead sleep through it

and the cost of awakening rises

with every dawn

yet we stir and feel

something real and agree

to see

 to be one with thee






Star Light

March 22, 2009
Star Light
Love is a clarity that wants
to be dressed
in language that
its existence.
Love is a radiance that wants
to be clothed
in light
  that declares its
Love is a longing that wants
to undress,
drop its robe of glory
and reveal
the nakedness
of truth.
Love is a purity that wants
to melt its name
with its own alchemy
and turn us
 golden light.
Love is a man who wants
to share the essence
of vulnerability
crouching behind
the power 
he pretends.
Love is a woman who wants
to receive the essence
of vulnerability,
unite it with her own
and give birth to
Love is a child who wants
to discover everything
to feel it all,
to play,
and to be the love
they already are.
Love is waiting in the ruins
to rise up again,
to rebuild, to renew, to live,
to expand, to express,
for the nature
of love.
is to love.
Love is who we are.
it is all we are,
if we can
simply shed the rest
 and be the Star.

A Morning Prayer

March 20, 2009


A Morning Prayer to the Beloved
A volcano erupts, the quaking ground
 splits open the earth,
empires fall, and streaking lights
 fall from the sky.
Someone sets the table, 
sleepwalking through the day,
unaware of the water
slowly rising outside the door.
Sometimes, I become so weary
 of caution and fear,
of shallow vision, 
and those who worship
the shrine of self.
There are some who dangle
their toes in the sea
 staring at the blazing horizon,
but seem to see only the sea.
I long for those,
who willingly drown in Love,
and those who see
the beauty of God wherever they gaze,
who feel the seeds teeming with life
 embedded deep within the earth
and hidden in the wombs of our hearts.
I feel the madness lurking
in the shadows of impossible longing
 and I feel the great light of God
cresting on the wave of the tides of peace.
Yet, how can we leave
 the lost and lonely here alone?
I watch the spreading wings
of freedom catch the rushing air,
feel the caressing breath of God
 lift us beyond the noise.
Then I turn toward hungry
searching souls, hear the cries,
and see the eyes
that wonder
where love has gone.
Sing to me and let me hear 
God breathing through the reed flute,
and send the love songs
out on the gentle breeze of Spirit.
Light the world with the fire
 in your beloved heart
and never turn away from those
who strain to hear the music.
There are still so few,
so few, who have become a beloved,
through whom God can whisper
and sing the songs of love.
I want to cry so loud
you can hear me from here,
and I want to be so close,
I can whisper in your ear.
 Don’t turn away!
The world is our family,
 and our Holy Father
and Divine Mother formed us
to share their life-giving Love with All.
Let the sweet scent of roses
rise from every word and enchant
 every heart to fall in love
with the Love hidden in every soul.
Let God play enchanting music
through your lips and eyes
and surrender to the fire of the heart
 to blaze a path
through the wilderness of the night
carrying the torch
that guides every heart
to the serenity of the soul!
I cannot pretend to set you free
to be the one you call me.
You are already so much more,
for you have found the key
that opens the door,
and you have been given the gift
to tell the story of the glory
of the Oneness we love.

forever whispering to the Beloved

March 19, 2009
forever whispering to the Beloved….
not as poems…but manifesting
as the continual stream of the poetic expression
of love through my heart
O my Beloved One,
The Presence of Your Divine Energy
moves ever more deeply
into my soul
to clear the way to
release Your Spirit to Love
in ways only You can.
My earthly voice
is silenced,
and this earthly form
is a but a river bed,
a path in the wilderness,
 a place of passage,
a bridge
for the flowing energy
of Your
living Word.
O Love! Let all hearts be
  broken open and split apart
by the lightning flash
of Your Presence
to hear and
receive the revelation
of Your
guiding Voice.
The universe parts like the sea
when You speak,
and the Light bursts forth
to commune
with those who love You,
who are awake,
who listen,
  and who hear your voice.
When dawn pierces the cover
of night,
the rays scatter
through the prism of Your Heart
sending beams
of Your precious Light
to All
across the earth.
We are infused with the radiance
of  Your Essence,
 awakened and illumined 
ever so tenderly
by the touch
of the Holy Nature
of Your Being.

O beautiful One!

March 13, 2009



O beautiful One!
How long I ‘ve harbored
this love for you in my heart!
How long I have seen the world
through the compassionate
 veil of your tears
and felt your vision
reaching so far beyond my own.
Your light shines through centuries
erasing time 
hovering in the quiet
places of my soul.
I feel you in the darkness
of the night and in the touch
of the morning light.
I feel you in every heart
and see your gaze through every
pair of eyes.
You dwell within us
guiding, inviting, nudging,
 loving, and sharing
your sweet spirit
in countless ways
and still you remain unseen
and unremembered
by so many!
May love heal the blindness
and fear,
dissolve the doubt,
and pray through us that
every heart will
awaken soon
I feel you holding
the dying,
lifting their pain,
bringing new life to the earth
 through the falling rain,
sharing your breath to a tiny heart
to begin its life.
O my beautiful One,
I have loved you so long
keeping watch in this waiting vigil
for all to awaken
and know you are here, so near,
 kissing away each tear,
whispering away each fear.
I cry out for you to appear
to allow your face,
to reveal your grace,
as I weep
for those who sleep
oblivious to the deep treasure
of your saving presence.
O beautiful One!
May your healing Spirit
lift the veil
and raise the curtain
on your kingdom
and draw us into your heart
in the circling
warmth of your love. 

March 11, 2009


first light
love is a boundless energy
seeking our freedom
melting our names in the heat
of alchemy
drowning our minds in passion
 protecting its truth
tearing the veil from beauty
aching to be known
love calls us from hiding
drawing our hearts into covergence
in blissful remembrance
of our wholeness
infusing us with the unbearable
honesty of morning
innocent and new enough
to touch the sweet spring of desire
flowing with milk and honey
inviting us to draw
new life by drinking
from the soft breasts of love
 turning our stammering
sounds into song
our faltering steps
into dancing
wrapped only
in the light of the sun
love is ever seeking
our balance
centering us in a circling spiral
somewhere between shouting and silence
 toughness and tenderness
 waking and sleeping
laughing and crying
pleasure and pain
bursting us open to feel them all
and rejoice in the bounty
of love’s awakening kiss
upon our hearts