first light
love is a boundless energy
seeking our freedom
melting our names in the heat
of alchemy
drowning our minds in passion
 protecting its truth
tearing the veil from beauty
aching to be known
love calls us from hiding
drawing our hearts into covergence
in blissful remembrance
of our wholeness
infusing us with the unbearable
honesty of morning
innocent and new enough
to touch the sweet spring of desire
flowing with milk and honey
inviting us to draw
new life by drinking
from the soft breasts of love
 turning our stammering
sounds into song
our faltering steps
into dancing
wrapped only
in the light of the sun
love is ever seeking
our balance
centering us in a circling spiral
somewhere between shouting and silence
 toughness and tenderness
 waking and sleeping
laughing and crying
pleasure and pain
bursting us open to feel them all
and rejoice in the bounty
of love’s awakening kiss
upon our hearts

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