A Morning Prayer


A Morning Prayer to the Beloved
A volcano erupts, the quaking ground
 splits open the earth,
empires fall, and streaking lights
 fall from the sky.
Someone sets the table, 
sleepwalking through the day,
unaware of the water
slowly rising outside the door.
Sometimes, I become so weary
 of caution and fear,
of shallow vision, 
and those who worship
the shrine of self.
There are some who dangle
their toes in the sea
 staring at the blazing horizon,
but seem to see only the sea.
I long for those,
who willingly drown in Love,
and those who see
the beauty of God wherever they gaze,
who feel the seeds teeming with life
 embedded deep within the earth
and hidden in the wombs of our hearts.
I feel the madness lurking
in the shadows of impossible longing
 and I feel the great light of God
cresting on the wave of the tides of peace.
Yet, how can we leave
 the lost and lonely here alone?
I watch the spreading wings
of freedom catch the rushing air,
feel the caressing breath of God
 lift us beyond the noise.
Then I turn toward hungry
searching souls, hear the cries,
and see the eyes
that wonder
where love has gone.
Sing to me and let me hear 
God breathing through the reed flute,
and send the love songs
out on the gentle breeze of Spirit.
Light the world with the fire
 in your beloved heart
and never turn away from those
who strain to hear the music.
There are still so few,
so few, who have become a beloved,
through whom God can whisper
and sing the songs of love.
I want to cry so loud
you can hear me from here,
and I want to be so close,
I can whisper in your ear.
 Don’t turn away!
The world is our family,
 and our Holy Father
and Divine Mother formed us
to share their life-giving Love with All.
Let the sweet scent of roses
rise from every word and enchant
 every heart to fall in love
with the Love hidden in every soul.
Let God play enchanting music
through your lips and eyes
and surrender to the fire of the heart
 to blaze a path
through the wilderness of the night
carrying the torch
that guides every heart
to the serenity of the soul!
I cannot pretend to set you free
to be the one you call me.
You are already so much more,
for you have found the key
that opens the door,
and you have been given the gift
to tell the story of the glory
of the Oneness we love.

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