the price of love


the price of love



 a primal scream rips through

the night sky

trying to tear open the

veil of darkness

 angels sing so softly

  the purity brings

 the crowning light of dawn


eyes sigh and cry

and weep tears tinged

with the blood of broken hearts

weary of longing pain

as wave after wave of scalar light

cleanses and washes away

  the endless years


is it too much to ask for a touch

too indulgent to seek

the bliss of a single kiss

from a God of Love

or is this divine chain around

the heart what we must

 bear for love


beauty comes on borrowed breath

and innocence blooms

from a dying child

laughter carries its own

kind of pain

and light from the sun soon

 becomes the rain


the dead sleep through it

and the cost of awakening rises

with every dawn

yet we stir and feel

something real and agree

to see

 to be one with thee






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