the transforming fire



The Transforming Fire



When love sweeps us

 into welcoming arms,

we are mercifully unaware

of the ways

 it will draw us into

  the pain

of transformation.


 As surely as it blesses us

with sweetness,

it will destroy

the castles of illusion

we have built around us

and leave

us in the ruins.


With our broken hearts

and injured wings,

we long

 for those who will tend

to our wounds

and will be with us

in the pain.



Love breaks our hearts,

then heals them.

Love bewilders us,

leaves us wandering and lost,

 then lights the way

to lead us



What else but the power

of love

 could possibly free us

from the delusion

that we are in control

of anything

in this life!


As love holds out

its arms,

we rise from the ashes

and we weep in remembrance

of the beauty and pain,

and we cry out,

yes, yes, yes.




Painting by Rassouli



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