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thou preparest a table before us

April 24, 2009



thou preparest a table before us
the table is set for the feast
the earth, a cup
the universe, a bowl
the cosmos, an urn
the wind, the breath
the rain, the water of life
the sun, the light
the music, the exaltation
the silence, the prayer
the source, the creator
the unknown, the uncreated void
the spirit, the eternal presence of love
the bread, the expanding body
the wine, the blood of the heart
the masculine and feminine
human and divine,
anointed soul
awakening to the beauty,
each star, a radiant energy
the moon, the mirror
reflecting the glow of communion
of the oneness of all
coming to the table
of existence
in the garden of life
to dwell
 with the beloved

How is Love Calling Us?

April 20, 2009
How is Love calling Us?

Hidden In the center
of whatever breaks our hearts,
Love arises
in the midst of the humility
and the suffering
and calls out our names
to answer the call
and awaken to our own
need for grace.

In our helplessness,
we are called to use our abilities,
our resources, and our love
to find healing by being present
to all broken hearts,
to tend to the wounds
with open hands and open hearts,
for it is through our acts
of love
and compassion,
we receive the grace
to bear the pain.

The long sought after face of God
is looking through the eyes
of our hearts
showing us the way
to the radiant beauty
of Pure Love
that seeks not for itself,
but for all Creation,
for all Life,
and for every longing
precious heart.

The heart is the tabernacle
and the dwelling place
of God in humanity.
Love is its expression,
and everything
in the world was created
to serve it.

May our hearts be broken open,
and may the sweet wine
be poured out
upon this beautiful earth,
and may we
work together to transform
the world into
the garden of love
it was intended
to be.

Our Beloved God I AM

April 19, 2009
Lightning Streaks
Our Beloved God I AM

So pure, so potent,
so radiant,
our little minds
can never comprehend
the wondrous
of the Creator
of All That Exists.

This same God,
is longing to embrace us,
yet tenderly
protects us
to keep
from dissolving our lives
in the Divine Fire
of Creation.

The tiny flame in our hearts
is like a candle burning
in the night,
touched with a single spark
to resemble
the Light
from which we came.

In the dawn,
there is a moment
when the flash of the sun
turning its face
to the earth
blesses and anoints us
with the first rays of
life giving Light.

The blinding flash of God
rising over the
horizon each day
brings forth a new birth
of expanding Love
in every heart.

in a Divine moment,
we are changed,
as the glowing alchemy
of the great
Energy of God
transforms every cell
into the Light
of Love.

The blazing white hot fire
is transformed
and softened
into the warm breath
of a gentle Love
that sweetens each
new birth with the kiss
of a Beloved

Such a Divine Lover leaves
an ecstatic trail
that scatters fiery fragments
of a great burning heart
across the sky
flashing lightning in all directions,
forming new planets,
giving birth to stars,
all for one blissful moment
of nearness
and loving presence
to humankind.

We fall to our knees
and cover our faces in awe,
as volcanoes erupt,
cyclonic winds cause
great waves to rush to the shore,
thunder crashes,
lightning splinters across the sky,
and the earth shifts
to witness
to where God has been.

Hear O Israel,
and every nation that exists,
there is One great God
that reigns and rules
over this grand
and glorious cosmos
and over every
heart ever created!

Now is the time
for the people of God
to live and learn to share
this great gift
of Life and Love,
for we bear that Divine likeness
in our hearts and souls
and in the Light
of the glowing Spirit
of the great God I AM,
our true Beloved.



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falling into silence

April 16, 2009

Falling into the Silence
of the Beloved
 All Hearts Become One Heart
We wander and search
for our home
as the people
of God
where Love would lead us
out of the desert
into the
promised land.
We are falling into the silence
of a beautiful
that flows from the source
of a spring
of the water of life,
that becomes a fountain,
that falls into
 a river,
that runs to the sea
to become an ocean of love,
that rises to become
a cloud that melts
in the light
and falls to the earth
to dissolve
and become a seed
that grows
into green life
in the sweet innocence
of a
blossoming cup
in a garden
in a peaceful green valley 
where Love pours out
 the lifegiving wine
of communion,
and we become
 One in the silence
of a
beautiful heart
Oh Love,
we long to dwell
 in the sheltering peace
within thee.
Is there room in the silence
of your
beautiful heart
for me?
It is the only place
i long to be.
End the vigil
of this longing heart
and receive us all to become
with thee
in the life giving
of your Soul.
 Wherever you go,
wherever you rest your head,
wherever you take
your stand,
let me dwell with thee.
Entreat me not to leave thee
or to return
from following after thee
for whither thou goest
I will go
and wherever thou lodgest
I will lodge.
Thy people
shall be my people
and you will be
my God.
 These words are not my words,
and this way is not my way,
for they come forth
on the breath
of the great Silent Heart
we seek to know
and love,
who sweeps us into the beauty
of the Beloved,
and the sanctuary
of the Soul
where all hearts
become One.
The sacred moment when God
becomes the Beloved
of every heart,
we meet in
the Presence
of perfect peace.

Following a Star

April 14, 2009


Following a Star


The night opens its secrets,

and the day dawns in the light

 of its revelations, and each day

 we arise and awaken to a new world!


Our outer eyes grow dim,

as the inner eyes open to wonder!

We find our balance in between

 and fly with little need for wings.


The power of the spirit of love

lies beyond all that is in the world,

so let’s play a little more and laugh

and sing out the joy of every day!


As the heart truly opens to love,

 the soul expands and emanates its beauty

coloring the earth and skies

for the delight and pleasure of our eyes.


May we dare to take a chance

to live our deep desire to dance,

 to begin to free our hearts to feel

what is really true and what is real!


The greatest treasure of my life

would be to see all hearts free,

and for you to allow me

 the honor of loving you!






The Miracle

April 13, 2009


The Miracle



Oh, the beauty is so much more

 than we know,

so much more than we can imagine,

so much more than we can share!

When we open our hearts and minds and souls

to the miracle of love,

the rushing river of spirit comes pouring

into us, the stars spill from the sky,

the moon shines from our eyes,

 lighting our way,

and we feel the ocean opening

within us, no longer a distant place

 where we drown.

There is no perceived limitation

that cannot be transformed by love.

The miracle we thought

was meant only for others

lives in the chalice of the heart

ever waiting

 for us to drink deeply

of the wine of love

 flowing from

an eternal spring!





The Light of Love

April 12, 2009


May Blessings and Love on this Day of Hope and Love surround you and fill you with the beauty and fragrance of God, now and always, my dear friends!
What we know and feel in our hearts and souls flows out as Spirit in infinite ways, and all will know we are disciples by our love for one another!
Wherever we are, we will continue to witness to it and share it through the breath of Love that empowers it as yesterday, today, and tomorrow comes together in the sacrament of the present moment….wherever we are….
May the Light of Love shine forever!

Spirit of the Rose

April 11, 2009




the rose lays opens its petals

to the light

as we open the rose

 of our hearts

 to Love




a blossoming heart

April 10, 2009


Gaze at the beauty of spring and know

 that every bloom

has been touched by the Creator,

that all new birth

flows from that touch.


It is the power of Love that brings

new birth into our lives

as we turn to the Beloved

knowing that Love is present to us,

and is caring for us,

helping us to accept ourselves

 just as we are,

fearfully and wonderfully made

 in the image of Love


This is the healing process

 that creates enough

love for us

to share with others

and works within us to heal

the broken places.


Intimacy with Love forms a union

 that is unshakeable.


Dance with Love.

Be love

and share it,

however you are able.


Send your prayers

soaring out

beyond the blossoming trees

for all those you love

 and pray for

every heart.


Sing your songs of love

that all might be

lifted by the beauty hidden

within every soul.



servant of love

April 9, 2009

00-washingofthefeet1new images are being born from the union

of those intimate with the heart
using the words of the servant and friend of love
 bringing life to others in new ways with each new day
we rise in the power of the word
lifting the veil on the truth
drawing back the curtain to reveal
the vision again and again and again
bringing it to life in the heart
where the secret is kept
to issue forth as a living word across
 the earth and to bring life to the formless void
to fill the empty and longing heart
to breathe in love and send it out on the breath of spirit
to follow a path and create a bridge for humanity
forming a new world surrendered to unity through love

the words and images call out to love to arise

  in the heart in the new ascension that happens within


 we approach the day they call easter

set aside to celebrate the resurrection of love


  an eternal spring flows from the wounds of the beloved

anointing all with the new wine of love


  we pass the cup around the circle sharing communion

with those intimate with the heart


eyelashes sweep away the dust as cleansing tears fall

 upon the feet of the beloved and the lover dries the tears with her hair


she anoints his feet with the sacred oil saved for his death

using it for life to stir the heart and awaken the soul


love calls us forth to live

in the beauty of this act of grace


all lovers fall into the arms of the beloved

 the union of hearts becomes a light for all nations


love is the alchemy of the highest creativity

calling us to dwell in the mysteries of the heart


and the beloved one kneels to wash our feet

in the service of love


we write the sacred books of love

on the pages of our hearts


 we rest our heads on the chest of the beloved

and listen to its whispering song



(Artist: Leszek Forczek)