the intimate gaze




loving God above all else

purifies the heart

turns us toward our neighbor

to see all through the eyes

of Love


all else is temporal

falling into

mortal limitations of the mind

subject to our fears

and doubts


the enraptured gaze of love

beholds only

the beauty of the beloved

wherever the glance

may fall


seeing love glowing in the eyes

of a lover

fans the spark within

the heart into

a flame


tend to that inward burning

with great care

guard the fire of love

with the longing

of hope


however love comes to you

it will be fashioned

by God for your heart

alone to feel

and know


the heart trembles and moves

when love is near

and opens to the beloved

to enter and dwell

within us


the beloved has many names

and many faces

love waits behind the

precious veil

of spirit


fall into love with God

and feel each

and every moment

become new

and true

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