servant of love

00-washingofthefeet1new images are being born from the union

of those intimate with the heart
using the words of the servant and friend of love
 bringing life to others in new ways with each new day
we rise in the power of the word
lifting the veil on the truth
drawing back the curtain to reveal
the vision again and again and again
bringing it to life in the heart
where the secret is kept
to issue forth as a living word across
 the earth and to bring life to the formless void
to fill the empty and longing heart
to breathe in love and send it out on the breath of spirit
to follow a path and create a bridge for humanity
forming a new world surrendered to unity through love

the words and images call out to love to arise

  in the heart in the new ascension that happens within


 we approach the day they call easter

set aside to celebrate the resurrection of love


  an eternal spring flows from the wounds of the beloved

anointing all with the new wine of love


  we pass the cup around the circle sharing communion

with those intimate with the heart


eyelashes sweep away the dust as cleansing tears fall

 upon the feet of the beloved and the lover dries the tears with her hair


she anoints his feet with the sacred oil saved for his death

using it for life to stir the heart and awaken the soul


love calls us forth to live

in the beauty of this act of grace


all lovers fall into the arms of the beloved

 the union of hearts becomes a light for all nations


love is the alchemy of the highest creativity

calling us to dwell in the mysteries of the heart


and the beloved one kneels to wash our feet

in the service of love


we write the sacred books of love

on the pages of our hearts


 we rest our heads on the chest of the beloved

and listen to its whispering song



(Artist: Leszek Forczek)

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