Following a Star


Following a Star


The night opens its secrets,

and the day dawns in the light

 of its revelations, and each day

 we arise and awaken to a new world!


Our outer eyes grow dim,

as the inner eyes open to wonder!

We find our balance in between

 and fly with little need for wings.


The power of the spirit of love

lies beyond all that is in the world,

so let’s play a little more and laugh

and sing out the joy of every day!


As the heart truly opens to love,

 the soul expands and emanates its beauty

coloring the earth and skies

for the delight and pleasure of our eyes.


May we dare to take a chance

to live our deep desire to dance,

 to begin to free our hearts to feel

what is really true and what is real!


The greatest treasure of my life

would be to see all hearts free,

and for you to allow me

 the honor of loving you!






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