falling into silence

Falling into the Silence
of the Beloved
 All Hearts Become One Heart
We wander and search
for our home
as the people
of God
where Love would lead us
out of the desert
into the
promised land.
We are falling into the silence
of a beautiful
that flows from the source
of a spring
of the water of life,
that becomes a fountain,
that falls into
 a river,
that runs to the sea
to become an ocean of love,
that rises to become
a cloud that melts
in the light
and falls to the earth
to dissolve
and become a seed
that grows
into green life
in the sweet innocence
of a
blossoming cup
in a garden
in a peaceful green valley 
where Love pours out
 the lifegiving wine
of communion,
and we become
 One in the silence
of a
beautiful heart
Oh Love,
we long to dwell
 in the sheltering peace
within thee.
Is there room in the silence
of your
beautiful heart
for me?
It is the only place
i long to be.
End the vigil
of this longing heart
and receive us all to become
with thee
in the life giving
of your Soul.
 Wherever you go,
wherever you rest your head,
wherever you take
your stand,
let me dwell with thee.
Entreat me not to leave thee
or to return
from following after thee
for whither thou goest
I will go
and wherever thou lodgest
I will lodge.
Thy people
shall be my people
and you will be
my God.
 These words are not my words,
and this way is not my way,
for they come forth
on the breath
of the great Silent Heart
we seek to know
and love,
who sweeps us into the beauty
of the Beloved,
and the sanctuary
of the Soul
where all hearts
become One.
The sacred moment when God
becomes the Beloved
of every heart,
we meet in
the Presence
of perfect peace.

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