Our Beloved God I AM

Lightning Streaks
Our Beloved God I AM

So pure, so potent,
so radiant,
our little minds
can never comprehend
the wondrous
of the Creator
of All That Exists.

This same God,
is longing to embrace us,
yet tenderly
protects us
to keep
from dissolving our lives
in the Divine Fire
of Creation.

The tiny flame in our hearts
is like a candle burning
in the night,
touched with a single spark
to resemble
the Light
from which we came.

In the dawn,
there is a moment
when the flash of the sun
turning its face
to the earth
blesses and anoints us
with the first rays of
life giving Light.

The blinding flash of God
rising over the
horizon each day
brings forth a new birth
of expanding Love
in every heart.

in a Divine moment,
we are changed,
as the glowing alchemy
of the great
Energy of God
transforms every cell
into the Light
of Love.

The blazing white hot fire
is transformed
and softened
into the warm breath
of a gentle Love
that sweetens each
new birth with the kiss
of a Beloved

Such a Divine Lover leaves
an ecstatic trail
that scatters fiery fragments
of a great burning heart
across the sky
flashing lightning in all directions,
forming new planets,
giving birth to stars,
all for one blissful moment
of nearness
and loving presence
to humankind.

We fall to our knees
and cover our faces in awe,
as volcanoes erupt,
cyclonic winds cause
great waves to rush to the shore,
thunder crashes,
lightning splinters across the sky,
and the earth shifts
to witness
to where God has been.

Hear O Israel,
and every nation that exists,
there is One great God
that reigns and rules
over this grand
and glorious cosmos
and over every
heart ever created!

Now is the time
for the people of God
to live and learn to share
this great gift
of Life and Love,
for we bear that Divine likeness
in our hearts and souls
and in the Light
of the glowing Spirit
of the great God I AM,
our true Beloved.



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2 Responses to “Our Beloved God I AM”

  1. Ekta Says:

    ok YOU are amazing bright star! ill be coming back to ur blog again n again.. your soul attracts me like wild rose fragnace.. so much soul in your words..
    i wish we could connect.

    shine bright!

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Bless you and thank you……..My email is nfstone@gmail.com.
    I am on facebook as Naomi Stone. Friends meet in the garden of the heart……the stars are filled with centuries of messages of the light….the morning star of the sun spreads golden fields of light across the earth….and fills the sky with galaxies…nebulas…comets….with moons and suns and planets….the milky way…….constellations….loving thoughts are transmitted telepathically when the portals are open…

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