How is Love Calling Us?

How is Love calling Us?

Hidden In the center
of whatever breaks our hearts,
Love arises
in the midst of the humility
and the suffering
and calls out our names
to answer the call
and awaken to our own
need for grace.

In our helplessness,
we are called to use our abilities,
our resources, and our love
to find healing by being present
to all broken hearts,
to tend to the wounds
with open hands and open hearts,
for it is through our acts
of love
and compassion,
we receive the grace
to bear the pain.

The long sought after face of God
is looking through the eyes
of our hearts
showing us the way
to the radiant beauty
of Pure Love
that seeks not for itself,
but for all Creation,
for all Life,
and for every longing
precious heart.

The heart is the tabernacle
and the dwelling place
of God in humanity.
Love is its expression,
and everything
in the world was created
to serve it.

May our hearts be broken open,
and may the sweet wine
be poured out
upon this beautiful earth,
and may we
work together to transform
the world into
the garden of love
it was intended
to be.