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Love is a patient lover

May 31, 2009

wild rose in the sunlight

Love is a patient lover

Love is waiting to come shining

through the stars to become

the light in your eyes to

help you find

your way.

Love is waiting to come blazing

through the sun to bring light

to your days and nourish

your growth into all

you long to be.

Love is waiting in the silence

to chase away your fears

and call you out to play,

to dance, and to reveal

your beauty to you.

Love is waiting as an inner strength

to answer your cries for help,

to come when you feel alone

and be a friend to your

longing heart.

Love is waiting in the depths of your soul

to flow in a rushing stream of energy

to your heart when you surrender

at last to the great love

of the beloved.


May 29, 2009

00  Rassouli  02-01-FreeFlight

falling tears taste salty
like the sea
perhaps the sea rises
in the mist
to  meet our gaze
bewildering us with the beauty
of a horizon
that touches the sky

perhaps the gaze of love
draws the lover
into a stream flowing
from the heart
and we fall helplessly
into the water
rushing toward
the sea

the drumbeats from the jungle
are felt in the heart
and the cries of children
all over the world
awaken our
own deeper hunger
for one who will never
leave us

the search for what we dare
not name
lures us into a wilderness
where we lose
our way
and nameless lovers
rescue us
and point the way
toward home

we are all homeless
and poor
and the truth
of a new reality excites
and terrifies us
as we pull a cover over
our heads
to hide from
the light

how do we bear the tenderness
of a lover that knows and sees
our faults and flaws
hiding behind our masks
one who knows
we are ancient illusions
of an experiment
thousands of years old
and somehow loves
us anyway

we curl up in gratitude
next to a heart
that cradles the cosmos
singing us songs of joy
and sharing the
secrets of the universe
by loving us

painting by rassouli

Following Love

May 25, 2009

000 - blowing in the wind

Chasing words like feathers
in the wind,
seedlings that float away
when I try
to hold them in my hand.
Ideas turn to fluff,
like fairy dust dancing just
beyond my reach

Stars twinkle away from me,
and the moon
slips behind a cloud.
Sunlight flickers and hides
in the shadows,
and the twinkle in love’s eyes
lights up my heart.

Love is laughing
at my serious quest
teasing me,
playing hide and seek,
peeking out,
blowing kisses that turn
into flowers
all around me.

Love wants to play
and walks all over my words,
leaving dusty footprints
on the page
for me to follow
wherever they go.

Sometimes, we follow
a butterfly,
or the light from a star,
and we find
a hidden door
into an enchanted place,
where love’s secret
joys are shared.

00  Following Love

Love lifts our broken hearts

May 23, 2009

00  Circle of lovers   2311035154_fd9d20477f

Love lifts our broken hearts
carrying us
on wings of compassion
into blue meadows
of freedom
to touch the beauty
of the open skies
of our souls.

Feelings pour out like rain
from hearts
torn open by sadness
falling as cleansing tears
upon the landscape
of our lives.

The light of remembrance
glistens from dewy tears
and sliding into
a delicate and
caressing tenderness
like a rose
drinking the dew
of heaven.

Poetic expression by



by Sadiq Alam

(Entitled: Circle of Lovers)

Flowing in Light

May 19, 2009



00 Flow  Rassouli 02-27-PillarsofLife


May the light flow through you,
cleansing you like rain
spinning the earth and sky
into a spiraling circle of light,
spreading the particles
of your being
with the silken and silvery beams
of illumined spirit.
May love soften the edges
melting all you have drawn so
 tightly around you
to hide from your beauty.
May you surrender your sadness
to the caressing light of dawn
and know the treasure
of love
that washes away all
that ever caused you to feel
less than you truly are.
Feel the truth
of creation’s touch
and flow in the thrill
of being cherished
and seen
and loved beyond
all measuring.
May your heart open
to the rising essence of
and the sweet fragrance
from your
awakening soul.
You are the grace
the heart has longed
to discover.
You are the crowning glory
of creation
 aglow in the wonder
 of love.
Poetic expression
Visual image
 by Rassouli

golden light of freedom

May 15, 2009

00 - Wave image006


There is a mysterious opening
in the golden circle of those intimate
with the heart
that opens out into the sea of the soul
and transports us wherever love
wants to go.


the anointing gaze of love

May 11, 2009



the anointing gaze of love

 may the lightness of joy

fill our eager hearts

running over and spilling out

to form rivers and streams

and lakes and oceans

of brimming joy

 may we run to outstretched arms

 waiting to gather us in

and hold us next

 to the heart of a creator

whose love magnifies and multiplies

every precious moment

 may we surrender

into the gift of eternal love

where we are caught

in the spin of a universe

set in motion

by the spiraling breath

of life itself

  feel the great lover bending near

to whisper us awake

each morning

energizing and calling us

to live another

day of loving

 the creator courts us

ever holding out

an open hand

inviting us

to join in the dance

 of creation

to become the beauty

of love 

 feel the gaze of love

beholding and delighting

in how precious

we truly are

each incredible moment

of presence

teeming with seeds

of new life

 love clears the path

before us

sweeps it clean behind us

scatters the darkening

clouds above us

dissolving them into

the brilliance

of a radiant light

 love surrounds

 shelters and cradles us

 in a great-hearted


coaxing and cooing

soothing and singing to stir us

to discover

a song of our own

 love breathes us into

the warmth

and intimacy of love

clears our vision to see

in a new way

 gathers us into the renewing

embrace of a heart

where we are cherished

 and caressed

and lovingly set free

to fly



May 6, 2009
in this deep listening silence
before dawn
sometimes there is no sound
except breathing
we awaken in the night 
inside a darkness we cannot define
an unknown softness that hides a light
that cannot yet be seen
a single flowing breath
connects form to form to form
weaving our wondering
into a common thread of gold
love is breathing forgiveness
into the dazzling beauty
of creation
for the pleasure of our eyes
love is touching us with the wind
breathing us into being
moistening our lips with dew
cleansing us with rain
feel the gaze of delight
falling from the sun
as the dawn breaks into a smile
 as wide as the sky
a chorus of sweet sounding songs
chases away the night and welcomes the day
flowers feather their faces with color
wearing nothing but the sun
this moment of presence
this beautiful moment
merges with all that has ever been
and all that will ever be
open your eyes and spread
the wings of your heart
to drift in the current
of a breath of God
how foolish to think we choose
who stays in paradise and who is cast aside
forgetting beauty is created
for everyone
the steadfast sentinel guarding
the gates of heaven
is a warrior of love keeping a promise
 the door will never be closed
the flaming sword is withdrawn
by lovers remembering
they left their heart
in the garden of love
Painting by Rassouli

cries and sighs of a longing heart

May 4, 2009


leaves uncurling,
like little green fists
loosening their grip
opening to
sunlight coaxing their
something invites
the miracle of new growth
to burst forth
from the dryness
of the branches
life waves its tiny flags
like green hope
and the leaves
turn their soft shining faces
to the morning rain
to sip the water of life
we give it fancy names
and act like we know
what is happening
we imitate the process
our own little miracles
in hothouses
 we borrow seeds
to make a plant grow
in empty spaces and places
we call our own
 we trick them into sprouting
 with stolen light
who gives us the mind to perceive
the process
hidden inside the plants
who relieves the weeks of drought
that dries up the land
when our knowledge fails
who gives us the privilege
to share in the moment
and miracle of birth
to welcome a life
that forms from the one
we are given
we learn to be sentinels
to witness
to open to something
so far
beyond what we
will ever understand
we allow the mystery
to flow through us
like the trees
as we open to the miracles
of life unfolding
within us
we can take the human heart
from a chest
 hold it in our hands
fix it
and put it back again
we can make
 an artificial heart
and imitate the patterns
copying the rhythm
flowing from the divine heart
that created it all
one blink and we would disappear
yet some immense
is patient with our foolish pride
forgives our playing
with expensive toys
when thousands are hungry
we are forgiven
our deadly game of playing god
forgiven our forgetting
of the creator
that set this life in place
to give us paradise
will we ever awaken
to the most
profound miracle of all
before we leave the playground
of this beautiful earth
littered with dying trees
and bodies
will the bright burning sun
we call
the morning star
that lights our way
shine on
an empty planet someday
our clever technology
can only serve
and extend the reach
of a heart that
 shares them
the amazing mind
is a mumbling shadow
and stumbling
after the great love
that created us
and gave us the ability
to think
only love can save us
only presence
and prayer and surrendering
to love
will open our hearts
and souls
to awaken to love
may love touch us
like the sun
 that invites us to lie down
in green pastures
may we trust
 those life giving arms
so filled with
may we discover the beauty
of stillness
and the solitude
of a listening heart
and may love
 restore our souls
and guide our lives
may we recognize the gifts
of all we are given
may we realize the love
watching over us
and remember the love
out of which we
are born
may we share our hearts
confess our longing
feel the presence of love
beside us
through the night
and open our souls 
to the light

Communion Call

May 3, 2009


Communion Call
The world is seeded
with brilliant light
diffused and hidden by the clouds
of our own
uncertainty and fear.
Spirit flickers like sunlight
playing in the leaves
gently caressing 
our hair,
stirring our hearts,
 calling and beckoning to us,
sending out beams,
 to fill the garden of earth
with gifts
of sudden beauty.
A chalice is placed
in our hands
brimming with light.
As we raise it to our lips
to receive and drink
that flowing grace,
 clouds dissolve and melt away
revealing an aura
of glowing radiance 
that surrounds and settles
around our hearts,
filling and spilling
into the sea
of our souls,
clearing our vision,
 calming our racing minds
with the peace
of Presence.
The holy mysteries
of Spirit
permeate and create
a garden within us
scattering seeds of light
 to push through
the dust of doubt and darkness
to blossom, enlighten,
and grow into
a new way of being
and seeing.
We surrender to the sound
of joy
playing a new
song within our hearts
guiding us to learn to dance
to the rhythm
 of life
and gratefully
accept the arising
of a dawn
that spreads us out like morning
 across the sky
in a blazing awareness
of the
Spirit of Love
that transforms and dwells
within us.
Come to the table
lovingly prepared for us
and let us kneel together
at the altar
of compassion
where blessed assurance
forever flows
from the great Heart
of God.
painting by Rassouli