Communion Call



Communion Call
The world is seeded
with brilliant light
diffused and hidden by the clouds
of our own
uncertainty and fear.
Spirit flickers like sunlight
playing in the leaves
gently caressing 
our hair,
stirring our hearts,
 calling and beckoning to us,
sending out beams,
 to fill the garden of earth
with gifts
of sudden beauty.
A chalice is placed
in our hands
brimming with light.
As we raise it to our lips
to receive and drink
that flowing grace,
 clouds dissolve and melt away
revealing an aura
of glowing radiance 
that surrounds and settles
around our hearts,
filling and spilling
into the sea
of our souls,
clearing our vision,
 calming our racing minds
with the peace
of Presence.
The holy mysteries
of Spirit
permeate and create
a garden within us
scattering seeds of light
 to push through
the dust of doubt and darkness
to blossom, enlighten,
and grow into
a new way of being
and seeing.
We surrender to the sound
of joy
playing a new
song within our hearts
guiding us to learn to dance
to the rhythm
 of life
and gratefully
accept the arising
of a dawn
that spreads us out like morning
 across the sky
in a blazing awareness
of the
Spirit of Love
that transforms and dwells
within us.
Come to the table
lovingly prepared for us
and let us kneel together
at the altar
of compassion
where blessed assurance
forever flows
from the great Heart
of God.
painting by Rassouli

4 Responses to “Communion Call”

  1. cloakedmonk Says:

    Reblogged this on Cloaked Monk's Blog and commented:
    This is amazingly beautiful.

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      Blessings for sharing the communion call with me………….it is about three in the morning…when I awaken
      such a beautiful time for touching in with other hearts……..

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Of course! I would be touched to have you share it! I see communion on several levels as we commune with our hearts….but I also have been moved to receive communion with others in holy gatherings…and to feel the physical touch and the spiritual connecting us with each other….and forming a bridge to the spirit.
    The mystic says we lay down our wing as a bridge to the heart.

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