cries and sighs of a longing heart


leaves uncurling,
like little green fists
loosening their grip
opening to
sunlight coaxing their
something invites
the miracle of new growth
to burst forth
from the dryness
of the branches
life waves its tiny flags
like green hope
and the leaves
turn their soft shining faces
to the morning rain
to sip the water of life
we give it fancy names
and act like we know
what is happening
we imitate the process
our own little miracles
in hothouses
 we borrow seeds
to make a plant grow
in empty spaces and places
we call our own
 we trick them into sprouting
 with stolen light
who gives us the mind to perceive
the process
hidden inside the plants
who relieves the weeks of drought
that dries up the land
when our knowledge fails
who gives us the privilege
to share in the moment
and miracle of birth
to welcome a life
that forms from the one
we are given
we learn to be sentinels
to witness
to open to something
so far
beyond what we
will ever understand
we allow the mystery
to flow through us
like the trees
as we open to the miracles
of life unfolding
within us
we can take the human heart
from a chest
 hold it in our hands
fix it
and put it back again
we can make
 an artificial heart
and imitate the patterns
copying the rhythm
flowing from the divine heart
that created it all
one blink and we would disappear
yet some immense
is patient with our foolish pride
forgives our playing
with expensive toys
when thousands are hungry
we are forgiven
our deadly game of playing god
forgiven our forgetting
of the creator
that set this life in place
to give us paradise
will we ever awaken
to the most
profound miracle of all
before we leave the playground
of this beautiful earth
littered with dying trees
and bodies
will the bright burning sun
we call
the morning star
that lights our way
shine on
an empty planet someday
our clever technology
can only serve
and extend the reach
of a heart that
 shares them
the amazing mind
is a mumbling shadow
and stumbling
after the great love
that created us
and gave us the ability
to think
only love can save us
only presence
and prayer and surrendering
to love
will open our hearts
and souls
to awaken to love
may love touch us
like the sun
 that invites us to lie down
in green pastures
may we trust
 those life giving arms
so filled with
may we discover the beauty
of stillness
and the solitude
of a listening heart
and may love
 restore our souls
and guide our lives
may we recognize the gifts
of all we are given
may we realize the love
watching over us
and remember the love
out of which we
are born
may we share our hearts
confess our longing
feel the presence of love
beside us
through the night
and open our souls 
to the light

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