in this deep listening silence
before dawn
sometimes there is no sound
except breathing
we awaken in the night 
inside a darkness we cannot define
an unknown softness that hides a light
that cannot yet be seen
a single flowing breath
connects form to form to form
weaving our wondering
into a common thread of gold
love is breathing forgiveness
into the dazzling beauty
of creation
for the pleasure of our eyes
love is touching us with the wind
breathing us into being
moistening our lips with dew
cleansing us with rain
feel the gaze of delight
falling from the sun
as the dawn breaks into a smile
 as wide as the sky
a chorus of sweet sounding songs
chases away the night and welcomes the day
flowers feather their faces with color
wearing nothing but the sun
this moment of presence
this beautiful moment
merges with all that has ever been
and all that will ever be
open your eyes and spread
the wings of your heart
to drift in the current
of a breath of God
how foolish to think we choose
who stays in paradise and who is cast aside
forgetting beauty is created
for everyone
the steadfast sentinel guarding
the gates of heaven
is a warrior of love keeping a promise
 the door will never be closed
the flaming sword is withdrawn
by lovers remembering
they left their heart
in the garden of love
Painting by Rassouli

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