the anointing gaze of love



the anointing gaze of love

 may the lightness of joy

fill our eager hearts

running over and spilling out

to form rivers and streams

and lakes and oceans

of brimming joy

 may we run to outstretched arms

 waiting to gather us in

and hold us next

 to the heart of a creator

whose love magnifies and multiplies

every precious moment

 may we surrender

into the gift of eternal love

where we are caught

in the spin of a universe

set in motion

by the spiraling breath

of life itself

  feel the great lover bending near

to whisper us awake

each morning

energizing and calling us

to live another

day of loving

 the creator courts us

ever holding out

an open hand

inviting us

to join in the dance

 of creation

to become the beauty

of love 

 feel the gaze of love

beholding and delighting

in how precious

we truly are

each incredible moment

of presence

teeming with seeds

of new life

 love clears the path

before us

sweeps it clean behind us

scatters the darkening

clouds above us

dissolving them into

the brilliance

of a radiant light

 love surrounds

 shelters and cradles us

 in a great-hearted


coaxing and cooing

soothing and singing to stir us

to discover

a song of our own

 love breathes us into

the warmth

and intimacy of love

clears our vision to see

in a new way

 gathers us into the renewing

embrace of a heart

where we are cherished

 and caressed

and lovingly set free

to fly


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