Flowing in Light



00 Flow  Rassouli 02-27-PillarsofLife


May the light flow through you,
cleansing you like rain
spinning the earth and sky
into a spiraling circle of light,
spreading the particles
of your being
with the silken and silvery beams
of illumined spirit.
May love soften the edges
melting all you have drawn so
 tightly around you
to hide from your beauty.
May you surrender your sadness
to the caressing light of dawn
and know the treasure
of love
that washes away all
that ever caused you to feel
less than you truly are.
Feel the truth
of creation’s touch
and flow in the thrill
of being cherished
and seen
and loved beyond
all measuring.
May your heart open
to the rising essence of
and the sweet fragrance
from your
awakening soul.
You are the grace
the heart has longed
to discover.
You are the crowning glory
of creation
 aglow in the wonder
 of love.
Poetic expression
Visual image
 by Rassouli

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