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morning flow of grace

June 28, 2009

00 08-06-Eternal%20Flow

i awaken with the great arms of the beloved enfolding me in the softness of sleep ……the sunlight is streaming through the trees…hanging sunstars in the leaves…and the light comes slipping in my room touching my being……….
i am filled with reverence for the day….to be held in the heart of Love….and i move quietly to look outside to take in the expanse of the day….and i can see forever…because the eyes gazing through mine see with divine vision

O my friends….lovers of God…..if we can love this beauty beyond all else….if we can feel how God takes in every heart in the universe and gently breathes the divine breath of Love into it… give it Life…if we can only know and trust this streaming miracle….that when we see together….the Beloved rushes into our being and fills us with a flowing and living spirit illuminating everything we see

tender and delicate beauty swirls around us and through us….and when divine Love looks through our eyes and falls upon another….they are showered in the holy tears of love…and all that is not love comes pouring out to clear the path for this incredible grace anointing their life with new hope…….

….for pure love…that seeks not for itself…..humbles and brings forth truth….it is impossible to speak anything but the truth when we suddenly know and feel
we are in the presence of pure love

if we take it into ourselves….the entire universe created through the breath of God……comes rushing in and floods our being with a shining innocence…..and suddenly… we are suspended………ascending……caught up in glory……..
the particles of our being are mingling with the essence of God…..melting into the flowing fragrance and lightness of an unspeakable elegance and grace

….it is our privilege and honor to witness to these moments here on earth in all the ways we can…..we surrender each and every present moment to the miracle of the beauty of a compassionate presence that breathes us into being…and we begin to grasp the truth….the amazing and incredible awareness……
that we are human passage for divine breath

every particle is illumined and cleansed with radiant light…..and our glance becomes a gaze of love…. like ecstatic lightning….and our lips feel the sweet breath of God moving through us sometimes speaking and murmuring to another’s heart
we are humbled and overwhelmed…. willingly surrendering all that we are to this ever flowing stream of life-giving love

we are lost at sea in the world…………… and found in the beloved’s arms….

painting by rassouli

Love is singing my songs

June 26, 2009

00 Passionate essence

i sing my songs of Love to God
because God is Love
beyond our
wildest imagining.
i cry my tears of Love
because the beauty of God
overwhelms me
i see God in you
because God is everywhere
in everything gazing at us
beholding us
loving us
enjoying us
laughing with us
pleased to have us awakening
and becoming real
in the alchemy of divine Love
God is every sacred book
every sacred song
every beautiful face
every name
God is in every heart
every soul
and every form has been
created by Love
Love is still creating
always and ever creating
God is the healer the physician
the counselor
the Oneness that we all are
no use to struggle against
the force field
of Love
it is impossible to stand against
such a wind
surrender surrender surrender
and become a breeze
it is enough it is enough it is enough
it is enough to be a breath
falling from the lips of Love
it is enough
it is everything


The Embrace of the Beloved

June 25, 2009

00  06-08-Embrace  Rassouli

The embrace of the beloved
is a fusion of the fullness
and sweetness
of all the elements of love at once
in the ultimate tenderness
and vulnerability
of the human heart,
the divinity of the soul,
suddenly flooding the mind
and the senses in a beauty
so profound it frees the spirit.

This sacred moment
gathers all the longing of a life
in a glorious sweetness felt only
in the arms of the beloved.
This is a moment from
which all life will draw its power,
for it is an eternal moment.

There is a sacred innocence
within the soul
that love surrounds,
honors, and protects,
and it is love
that chooses the moment
when the heart
touches the shores of eternity,
opening the eyes
of the heart
and awakening the soul
in the radiance of pure joy.

Painting by Rassouli
The Embrace

Communion cup

June 22, 2009

wild rose in the sunlight

Drink the light of divine love from the cup God has fashioned for you and know the whisperings of the spirit within your heart.
Love promises that we cannot imagine all that divine will and intention will do for those who truly love God.
The revelations of the beauty of love shine within the soul and reveal the presence of the Beloved dwelling within us now and always.
Drink deeply of the light and know the reflections in the wine and know its summoning power and the beauty of its dance.

love is my shepherd

June 20, 2009


love is my shepherd

my outer eyes behold a beauty
vanishing into the shadows
of a secluded forest
my heart begins to beat faster
the molecules stir within
the body
beginning to dance

love leaps the distance
to reach the lover
disappearing into the mystery
and shadows of the trees
peering into the
expanding darkness

the lover has gone too far
into the forest
past the point of no return
the path has grown over and closed
in all directions

the journey opens a new revelation
with each step the lover takes
and there are no signs
or clues to find
the old way home

the elements begin to wear away
what is left of boundaries
as conventions and rituals
begin to fade
for now
what was once acceptable
becomes a barrier
no longer a rescuing ruse

a warrior emerges within the body
who goes screaming out
to battle whatever obscures the way
to the elusive beloved
hidden from sight
this is a fight for freedom
to find the beloved
in this faceless place

the heart is pounding
breaking through the chest
the warrior raises a flashing sword
destroying closed doors
of the mind
fighting dragons
until the beasts are conquered
and all is quiet

where is the beloved
how can the whisper of love
be heard
in the noisy silence
of the rhythm
pounding within the loneliness
of the lover

a deep cry of the heart pierces
the silence
begging for mercy
as the exhausted warrior
falling to his knees

and suddenly
a clearing opens to the eyes
of the heart

as a green valley appears
in a vision
of lush green meadows
and the sweet fragrance of wild clover and wildflowers
fills the air

a soothing dew anoints
the hair tossed by the wind

a cooling quiet stream flows
out of centuries
of dreams
as white-winged angelic birds
bring the lover berries and grains
of wheat
and a chalice of sacred wine to drink

a spreading peace floods the spaces
within the soul
as a beam of light shoots up
from the earth
and bursts into a fountain of light
reflecting the sun
a golden shield
and a chalice of life
in a valley of peace

for love is my shepherd
my life and my heart
the heart of the beloved
is my refuge
and there is nothing
I shall ever want
except God


painting by Rassouli
Eternal Annexation

Miracles are falling from the great heart of the Beloved

June 19, 2009

00  cosmic wine

The eyes of the one in love with God

are lost in the brilliance of seeing the beauty for which our sight was created!

We have been formed to share the glory of the infinite One

out of whom we are rising into whoever we are longing to become!!

All is shining out from the hidden places within us

and suddenly, we feel the trembling and tender touch of the One

who dwells within us, and we fall into the miracle of love,

and the recognition swells into a symphony

of divine music and arias of a thousand hearts

that flow out in a chorus of songs across the world

in every language!

May the sacred music of love bring us to our knees

before this holy belovedness.

Call this Allness, or Godness, or a thousand different names

and declare a thousand beliefs that claim to know

the Nature of such an omniscient and thrilling Lover,

and your speech will melt on your tongue

into the divine wine of a breath of sweetened silence,

and you will know you are not even able to utter a word or speak on your own.

We are caught up in the whirlwinds of loving,

humbled and frightened by arms that sweep us into

the exploding magnificence of the stars,

as the changing face of the skies are reflecting

the blushing of divine ecstasy

and the flashing lightning in the eyes of God delighting in us!

Our beingness flares into flames

from the fire that fuels the current of light

that illuminate the world.

The water that sustains us pours from the well

of the seas and oceans and rivers and lakes that fall

from the sky as clear and glowing rain,

and a single gaze creates a sun to shine upon all that exists.

What fools begin to strut around pretending to be little gods

and kings who want to rule a kingdom of their own,

when all we have been given is the pure grace

of a God who wants to give us joy!

We have been set free by this great love

and now, with the awe and surprise of our astonished eyes,

we are being courted in ways we could never have dreamed.

No handful of posies from a nervous suitor at our door,

but fields of flowers of every color spread out before us blossoming

and blooming and changing before our eyes.

No bottle of wine to blot out our fears,

but the wine of a love flooding our senses exciting and inviting us to

surrender into sheltering arms.

Gaze at this earth and reflect for one brief moment

of the miraculous way a single hand works,

or awaken to the brilliance of sight and all we behold,

breathe in the rich scent of the earth rising after a rain.

Savor the taste of a divine kiss lingering sensuously

on our lips as the wine of the grapes

of a thousand vineyards leave us trembling in the fragrance

and the clarity of glistening beauty ripened by the sun

and then simply try to speak as one who knows anything!

Listen to a thousand birds each singing a different song

as the dawn breaks to reveal a day that has never been before

since the beginning of time!

Hear the whisper of a breeze tickling and talking in your ear,

feel it ruffling your hair,

slipping beneath your clothes to touch your skin,

feel the sensuous water kissing your feet with waves

that roll in to touch the shores of your being,

and tell me our Creator is not a Beloved who loves us

with a Greatness we cannot begin to fathom in a thousand years!

It is frightening to be so loved when we know our weakness,

so we pretend to know what we cannot understand!

Try to create a single butterfly and see how much you know!

Oh my brothers and sisters, we are One family of a God

who created us for each other, and we are loved beyond anything

we ever could imagine!

Fall into the beauty of arms that will hold you

next to the great heart of a Lover beyond your dreams.

We are blessed beyond belief.

A tiny little butterfly can flash its beauty

with a flutter of wings, has more grace than we do,

can fly, and has the sense to sip the sweetness

from a flowering world!

Awaken to the Love that surrounds you, that flows within your veins,

and feel the flow of the river rushing through you that carries the seeds

that can become a totally new and amazing human being to grace the earth

and dance the unbelievable joy of love and life that is ours!


a divine drop

June 17, 2009

00  Rassouli - a divine drop

a divine drop

a divine drop of pure love has fallen
upon the earth and is spreading
beauty that can only be seen
through the gaze of love
within the blazing fire
and light of longing
of a burning

survival in this new world will
only be found by totally
surrendering to divine
energy expanding
and flooding the
earth with

we are caught in the churning tides
of the great flood in the many
ways our limited reach is
bound to the grasp
of our human

nothing prepares us to resist
the power of divine love
turning us loose in this
world to set us free
except to yield and
allow it to flow
wherever it

when we trust and yield
to the currents of love
we are empowered
to express and
become the
beauty in

the resounding call is moving
out across this new world
to gather longing hearts
in an intimate circle
of friends who are
present to all

may we meet in the embrace
of the transforming power
and the sheltering arms
bathing our hearts in
aching sweetness
flowing through
the light of


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painting by rassouli


June 16, 2009

00  Two birds in flight   1895784


pause in the moment

be still

and feel the

hush around you

step into the silent eye of the storm

in the midst of the moving chaos

of the spinning wheel of life

savor the silence

allow the awareness

of the wondrous

parade passing by

all the amazing hearts and souls

that have made such

a marvelous difference are

circling through you

feel the electric charge in the air

give it passage

let the energy flow through you

like you are traveling

in the breath

of the universe

that delicate breeze that has moved

through every great one

who has ever lived

unites their breath with yours

and whispers the secrets

to your heart


the greatest secret

that has ever been whispered

in the span of all creation

and all lives ever lived

is love

the secret is so much deeper and wider

and more wonderful than

we can dream

let the one who created us all

whisper it to your heart

we are the sons and daughters

of love

become the flow of becoming

become a flowing

breath of love

may your sweet life become

one long glorious kiss

from the beloved

giving birth

to love


Love is so very near to you, my dear

June 15, 2009

Farschian  - Celebration of Loving Hafiz
000  bleeding heart

Love is so very near to you, my dear

Love has come to invite you,
to incite and excite you,
to draw those curtains aside
that you hide behind
when you close the blind
and confess your loneliness.
When you think no one hears
your muffled cries and tears,
love listens and glistens
and quiets your fears.

Love is so very near to you, my dear.

Love longs to chase away
your sadness, replace it with gladness,
erase the shadows from the night
and embrace your heart with light.
Love wants to say this is a day
for you to come away and play,
for love would truly rejoice
at the sound of your voice!
Make a decision to grant me the vision
of your grace-filled face
in this somber place!

Love is so very near to you, my dear.

Love implores you to open the door
to explore and to feel more
than you ever have before,
to fill your eyes with surprise
and share the bliss of a kiss,
to dance and take a chance,
for Love wants to serenade you
and promenade you around the town
in a golden gown
and a glowing crown of joy!

Love is so very near to you, my dear.

The above painting was done by Mahmoud Farshcian,
a portrait of Hafiz,
the celebrated fourteenth century poet.
The painting is entitled
“Celebration of Learning”
His paintings can be seen on his website

an empowering love

June 11, 2009

an empowering love

an empowering love
so virile and young and new
came to me at dawn
from another land across the sea
and the breeze was moving the branches
in the trees
like green fingers of life
reaching for the sky

the sun was rising within me
like fingers of light touching my skin
tenderly aiming
its soft caressing beams
to enter and surround my heart

lips sweetened with new wine
offered a sip to mine
to share the ripening grapes
of longing
in a kiss from the sun

yielding to the warmth
of rolling valleys
and vineyards brimming
with fermenting life
an expanding sweetness
which we shared
with an unquenchable thirst
for the intimacy
of an embracing love

the wine of a common cup
pulled us into a current
of deeper waters
where waves
of rising and falling ecstasy
touched the shore
and returned to the sea

swirling seeds and sparks
found their home
in a sacred sanctuary
for all that was yet unborn
waiting for the touch
of life

an empowering love
propelled our hearts into space
to flash into being
in a common chalice
brimming over with light

the widening circles of creation
like ripples on the sea
were expanding me
forming a common soul
with a breath so fresh and new
an empowering love
was born
becoming the beloved
in you

painting by rassouli