A Letter to A Listening Heart

Day after day after day, I write my poetic expressions that flow from my heart, and I keep them here on this site, as a kind of journal of my own creative adventure in awakening to the fullness of life and the way love manifests within my own heart and soul.

I am a very private person, so it is not easy to share what is so profoundly personal to me. I am certainly not on a soapbox to try and draw anyone else into living my way, rather my hope and prayer is that you will live in a way that is true to your own heart. I find writing a way to reach for the feelings that I carry within me, and to proclaim the truths I find there, for this creative process moves me toward the precious gift of living in freedom.

I have come to feel this is the divine intention for all people, to live creatively and freely on this beautiful earth we have been given, to enjoy the incredible universe that surrounds us, and to awaken to an inclusive and transforming love for all beings that dwell here together on this planet.

We will never be able to understand the deep mysteries that have created us, nor the miracle of life itself, but we can learn to live gratefully and graciously as it unfolds. We can learn to surrender and find as many ways as possible to help nurture and sustain the life and the earth we have been given.

I long for our well being and unity as a nation and as people of God. I pray that we realize how much we are all loved before our fears destroy this precious gift of creation.

I greet you in the morning light with a love that truly desires your joy and your freedom now and always.

Love, Naomi

2 Responses to “A Letter to A Listening Heart”

  1. S Says:

    the listening heart listens

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    It is a great blessing that your heart listens to my heart.


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