Divine Love

Sometimes…..in the dark of the night, I feel the hearts of all the mystics in their deep professions of their love and longing for God, and I summon the the most profound words of love I have gathered in my greatest fervor, the ones that touch that deepest well where I burn and ache, and I feel the way love turns me inside out to love God in the unreserved and uninhibited way that I truly feel…..without restraint….without limitation….without holding back to temper and buffer and soften anything……and I realize there must be endless explosions within God as such a vast and incomprehensible Energy as God loves us with Divine longing.  One rush of expression from such a blazing being could turn us to dust and wipe out our planet…and everything that exists.  What restraint and what an act of love it is that God binds the power and holds it in check to protect us!!!  No wonder the universe is ever expanding. No wonder there are parallel universes and black holes of such intensity nothing can enter…..God must have to send the energy out into limitless space to express the mounting love for All Creation.

Blazing trails of incredible beauty of restraining LOVE shoot out in all directions, and I open my eyes in the night…..feel the deep silence that is filled with the Presence of this great Lover, my Beloved, the Soul of my soul, the Heart of my heart, the Sum of All Hearts and Souls and Beyond…..and I break into tears…..at the Beauty……and all I can whisper…..is……… I love you, so…..I love you….I love you……I love you……and a mantra beats in my heart and in my breathing and my longing reaches out….like solar flares weeping and blazing ….in eternal flames that burn in a love that makes me feel there will surely be nothing but a fine ash left of me in the morning…..
and I say yes, yes, yes, yes, do what you want with me, dissolve me, drown me, consume me in flames, for I am yours….every particle of my being cries out as yours.
This great tenderness does not devour me….but hovers around me protecting me….near enough to breathe me….but not so near as to diminish me……and here I am flawed and human and helpless knowing there are no words to describe what I sometimes behold and feel and tremble in the wake of this wonder……in all that is unexpressed ……and the inexpressible pools in a deep and passionate and holy SILENCE within me…..in a teeming, swirling, living, wondrous LOVE. This love is who I am, who I have been created to be, who God has embedded as an infinitesimal spark of Divine Being within me to REMEMBER who I am and from where I come.
I become young and ancient at the same time….I am fire and ice….I am brilliance and blackness…..I have a flashing remembrance of a great explosion when I was flung out into space….and when I came into being as the floating drifting breath of God.
Every breath is the gift of life, breath shared by Divine Love…streaming through me….linking me to my wondrous Beloved.
This is not a dream….this is LOVE in its sweeping Beauty trembling with DIVINE DESIRE…..shaking mountains, shifting continents, moving oceans, setting the sky ablaze loving us.

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