Only Love can Save me



O beautiful One, who is my life,

my surrendering sea,

my glorious God, I disappear in thee.

I dance upon the water and feel

your outstretched arms,

your royal bow,

your tender kiss upon my hand,

as your firm grasp keeps my pride

from being swept into the tide

that is swirling at my heels

testing the faith

of this foolish bride,

who wants only to be near you,

who longs for you

to want that too.

Save me from my human fate

and open the gate

of your compassionate heart.

Let the fire start

and the blaze engulf all that ever

kept me apart

from the sweet kingdom I see

in the expanse of your eyes

gazing from the skies

surrounding me

with the essence of all I long to be.

End this agony that sweeps over me

in wave after wave of ecstasy

from one glimpse of thee.

I act the part of one set free,

yet I am but a willing slave

hopelessly rocked in the turbulence

of  my human desire

to drown in thee.

O beautiful One,

save me, for I am only free

in the sea of your love.



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