an empowering love

an empowering love

an empowering love
so virile and young and new
came to me at dawn
from another land across the sea
and the breeze was moving the branches
in the trees
like green fingers of life
reaching for the sky

the sun was rising within me
like fingers of light touching my skin
tenderly aiming
its soft caressing beams
to enter and surround my heart

lips sweetened with new wine
offered a sip to mine
to share the ripening grapes
of longing
in a kiss from the sun

yielding to the warmth
of rolling valleys
and vineyards brimming
with fermenting life
an expanding sweetness
which we shared
with an unquenchable thirst
for the intimacy
of an embracing love

the wine of a common cup
pulled us into a current
of deeper waters
where waves
of rising and falling ecstasy
touched the shore
and returned to the sea

swirling seeds and sparks
found their home
in a sacred sanctuary
for all that was yet unborn
waiting for the touch
of life

an empowering love
propelled our hearts into space
to flash into being
in a common chalice
brimming over with light

the widening circles of creation
like ripples on the sea
were expanding me
forming a common soul
with a breath so fresh and new
an empowering love
was born
becoming the beloved
in you

painting by rassouli

5 Responses to “an empowering love”

  1. MysticSaint Says:

    Praise be to Beloved Who sends us such gifts of empowering love from behind

  2. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    ” lips sweetened with new wine
    offered a sip to mine ”

    just how lovely is this –

    exquisite – simply exquisite

  3. Naomi Stone Says:

    My little corner of the world is graced by the presence of two
    dear ones sharing my joy!
    Blessings to you both!


  4. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    I cannot sing the beauty of the Absolute
    for it is beyond all forms.
    So I sing the forms of divine beauty
    that flow from It.


  5. Naomi Stone Says:

    Oh my!
    I think I hear
    a nightingale in the sky
    of this garden of my heart.

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