00  Two birds in flight   1895784


pause in the moment

be still

and feel the

hush around you

step into the silent eye of the storm

in the midst of the moving chaos

of the spinning wheel of life

savor the silence

allow the awareness

of the wondrous

parade passing by

all the amazing hearts and souls

that have made such

a marvelous difference are

circling through you

feel the electric charge in the air

give it passage

let the energy flow through you

like you are traveling

in the breath

of the universe

that delicate breeze that has moved

through every great one

who has ever lived

unites their breath with yours

and whispers the secrets

to your heart


the greatest secret

that has ever been whispered

in the span of all creation

and all lives ever lived

is love

the secret is so much deeper and wider

and more wonderful than

we can dream

let the one who created us all

whisper it to your heart

we are the sons and daughters

of love

become the flow of becoming

become a flowing

breath of love

may your sweet life become

one long glorious kiss

from the beloved

giving birth

to love


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