a divine drop

00  Rassouli - a divine drop

a divine drop

a divine drop of pure love has fallen
upon the earth and is spreading
beauty that can only be seen
through the gaze of love
within the blazing fire
and light of longing
of a burning

survival in this new world will
only be found by totally
surrendering to divine
energy expanding
and flooding the
earth with

we are caught in the churning tides
of the great flood in the many
ways our limited reach is
bound to the grasp
of our human

nothing prepares us to resist
the power of divine love
turning us loose in this
world to set us free
except to yield and
allow it to flow
wherever it

when we trust and yield
to the currents of love
we are empowered
to express and
become the
beauty in

the resounding call is moving
out across this new world
to gather longing hearts
in an intimate circle
of friends who are
present to all

may we meet in the embrace
of the transforming power
and the sheltering arms
bathing our hearts in
aching sweetness
flowing through
the light of


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painting by rassouli


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