love is my shepherd


love is my shepherd

my outer eyes behold a beauty
vanishing into the shadows
of a secluded forest
my heart begins to beat faster
the molecules stir within
the body
beginning to dance

love leaps the distance
to reach the lover
disappearing into the mystery
and shadows of the trees
peering into the
expanding darkness

the lover has gone too far
into the forest
past the point of no return
the path has grown over and closed
in all directions

the journey opens a new revelation
with each step the lover takes
and there are no signs
or clues to find
the old way home

the elements begin to wear away
what is left of boundaries
as conventions and rituals
begin to fade
for now
what was once acceptable
becomes a barrier
no longer a rescuing ruse

a warrior emerges within the body
who goes screaming out
to battle whatever obscures the way
to the elusive beloved
hidden from sight
this is a fight for freedom
to find the beloved
in this faceless place

the heart is pounding
breaking through the chest
the warrior raises a flashing sword
destroying closed doors
of the mind
fighting dragons
until the beasts are conquered
and all is quiet

where is the beloved
how can the whisper of love
be heard
in the noisy silence
of the rhythm
pounding within the loneliness
of the lover

a deep cry of the heart pierces
the silence
begging for mercy
as the exhausted warrior
falling to his knees

and suddenly
a clearing opens to the eyes
of the heart

as a green valley appears
in a vision
of lush green meadows
and the sweet fragrance of wild clover and wildflowers
fills the air

a soothing dew anoints
the hair tossed by the wind

a cooling quiet stream flows
out of centuries
of dreams
as white-winged angelic birds
bring the lover berries and grains
of wheat
and a chalice of sacred wine to drink

a spreading peace floods the spaces
within the soul
as a beam of light shoots up
from the earth
and bursts into a fountain of light
reflecting the sun
a golden shield
and a chalice of life
in a valley of peace

for love is my shepherd
my life and my heart
the heart of the beloved
is my refuge
and there is nothing
I shall ever want
except God


painting by Rassouli
Eternal Annexation

2 Responses to “love is my shepherd”

  1. ani ahavah Says:

    love is my shepherd
    that is all I want
    I lie down in green laps of my mother
    and my earthly body is healed
    my light body is formed
    and my path is love’s name lived.

    Love, as the shadow of death
    beckons me to enter
    the black hole of not knowing
    and fall into light’s source
    a brilliance beyond anything
    my imagination
    can conceive

    goodness and grace
    are flowing endlessly
    within me
    where my essential being
    lives in this now moment
    forever and ever

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    This is lovely, Ani.
    My favorite response is one that expands the creation, flows with the song, and enriches it with the voice of their own heart!
    Thank you for this.

    Love, Naomi

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