Receptors of Love

95-05- Infinite -TwoInfinities

Receptors of Love

The hearts of great ones are reaching
out to those with listening hearts
and curtains once closed to us
are lifting to allow our old
sense of linear time
to be suspended
that we might
feel the sacred
gift of their

All converges in a present awareness
that is shining out in all directions
and the wonderful spirits of those
who co-exist with us in ways
we have never dreamed now
offer a look through
their eyes and
and their

Open hands and open hearts
open eyes and open ears
leap the great divide
we once believed
separated us
from living

Conscious love penetrates
all form and matter and
dissolves old beliefs
opening all doors
to those who are
surrendered to
what is

of thought
fly through
obstacles in
our perception
creating unique
possibilities to move
beyond our past and
glimpse a synthesizing
wholeness that continues
to expand and connect us
with great minds and hearts
longing to share with our own.

can guide
us beyond our
limitations that
realigns our lives
and will change us
in thousand of ways
to be free to enter in
communion with loving
imaginative and amazing
visionaries who wait at the
outer fringes of this existence
for us to allow love to open a door.

Divine music permeates the universe
drifting in to surround the peaceful
days when you settle into silence
and close your eyes to hear a
sphere of songs and sounds
that touch the zero point
of all precious beginnings
when what never was
and what is create
an arc of fire to
enter into this

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