In the Garden of the Heart


To wander in the garden of the heart
is the sweetest heaven here on earth.

Each step releases the fragrance of love
and sends it soaring on wings of spirit.

The secret coves where beauty hides
reveal the glowing light of longing eyes.

Shores of paradise, kissed by mystery
of the silent soul, summon the heart.

We dance our way to the kingdom
following the star that lights our way.

Only love takes our hand and guides
us to the promised land of peace.

Trust the gentle touch of love
when it comes and follow the call.

Only the heart feels the moving power
that opens the blossoming rose.

Disappear into the mystic cloud
and behold the beauty of the dream.

The soul guards the vision of the heart
and celebrates the arrival of love.

painting by rassouli

One Response to “In the Garden of the Heart”

  1. anonymous Says:

    i love ur poetry n paintings/images.. really .. 🙂

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