000- 0000. JpgWe long for love. We say yes, yes, yes to every form of belonging that love invites!
Make yourself a light…… Everything you do, do it with love……..Love one another, as I have loved you…….Love God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your strength…… Love your neighbor as yourself…….If you cannot speak of love, say nothing……. Only love is eternal……..There is nowhere, where love is not……When we see through the eyes of love, beauty is compelled to reveal itself to us everywhere we turn………rising like the sun, and the light reveals that we are Love.

We wander, we seek, we read, we explore, and one day, all that we have been dissolves not into the words…..but becomes a living Word….the Word becoming flesh….manifesting as one who loves all creation….one who falls into Love, and we hold out our hands and arms and gather the beingness of All into the love and light we have become and hold them next to our hearts.

There was a great storm in the night, wild thunder, lightning in all directions, rumbling that shook the buildings, a display of electromagnetic energy that was phenomenal.
I watched and listened to it in awe. I found myself wondering if the creator has a climax…an explosion of joy….and if love could express itself on a cosmic scale….the flashing brilliance and groaning sounds that bring the rain and settle into the womb of the earth would be like that. I felt the earth as a being infused with light from the sun, given life from Light that calls us awake…and I could feel its power to regenerate itself, to continue to create, to continue to fling its life-giving seeds everywhere….if there is life here on earth that has awakened to Love the Source of All Life. If a relationship develops, and Love chooses us, and we choose Love, Life springs into Life, and the tiniest form of life shines out with light and becomes an expression of amazing significance and genius…a warm breath awakens things that crawl in the grass, little forms that swim in the water, tiny forms of life with wings, microscopic moving forms that stimulate growth, and life appears, tiny hearts begin to beat, evolving, growing, reaching toward the source from which they came……reaching to become the infinitely diverse expressions of life on the journey toward the Soul that infused the earth with its own Life.
If it is an accident, a one-time explosion in a long chain of events, it may never happen again…..but if it sparks from divine intention…and love happens….and we awaken to Love……creation has set a pattern….a life that flows from a Soul, who can make a thousand suns and a billion lives….and who infused the creatures with a heart and loved the soul within these primitive forms of life awake to remember the beingness, the Presence…..the cosmic heart from which we came….the cosmic womb….the cosmic connection…the path of light…..arrows of light…..the Sun is the warrior….the Earth is the Woman….the Womb….the waiting lover created out of the Light….longing for the life force that awakened her.

Everything is You…….says Rumi. He feels it….recognizes it……remembers it…… when he becomes charged with the energy through the divine glance of love….rays of light flowing through the eyes that see as the beloved sees.
We come to tell the story of love….when the first primitive beings witnessed the rising sun…and a bridge of light was formed between the eyes on earth and the eyes of the Creator….a revolving, turning cycle of light that set the pattern of creation between heaven and earth. We stop, we pause, we turn our faces to the light, and our hearts open like a flower and we long for the sun and the rain and the kiss that makes us blossom. Every day is a revelation of a love that is ever new and ever evolving and ever expanding.
i could go on and on and on with the wonder of it all……..
i fall into the wonder of silence and love…..

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