Song of the shepherd

A lonely shepherd








Song of the Shepherd

I met a lonely shepherd
on the path,
as I wandered through my life.
He was searching for the lost sheep
within himself,
wondering who he was
and where
he was meant to be.

He met so many strangers
in disguise
as he went from town from town.
They wore golden crowns
and lofty turbans,
wore distinctive robes,
carried titles,
and taught their laws
to all who came.

Wherever he went
he was offered food and shelter
and a cool drink
as he passed through
so many lives and towns.
He wondered where is home,
who is family,
and why has he been given
such love for everyone?

He silently asked the stars,
why he is here on this lonely planet.
His heart was tightly bound
by the petals of his past.
The glowing moon and stars
awakened a new
and tender roseness
releasing a fragrance
of love
in the garden of his heart.

An expanding beauty
began whispering
soft secrets
in the mystical darkness
of so much
that had been unknown
within him.

When he would seek the quiet places
where he could hear his heart
out under the stars,
he began to hear
the Shepherd of his Soul
singing love songs in the open fields
and meadows of love.

Guide my people
and feed my sheep
and tell them of my love for them.
Be a messenger of the light
that I send streaming to earth
to brighten their days.
Shepherd their hearts
and help them
to remember love.

Nature will guide thee.
The rain will give thee water,
and the sun your light and warmth
The grass will be your bed,
and a place to rest your head
beside the stream of love
that flows forever
from my heart to yours,
my son.

You will never be lonely again,
for as you wander
in the beauty,
you will see through my eyes,
for you will know
with great assurance
that I dwell
in your heart now
and always.

I am your father, your mother,
your brother, your sister,
your creator and guide.
I am your Friend.
I am the Beloved One
you have been seeking since
the day you were born.
I loved you then, I love you now,
and I will love you always.

Come walk by my side,
my son.
Let us wander
the fields together
live together,
and love together,
and gather
all the lost and lonely sheep
into the warmth
of our love.

Naomi Stone