Love is my shepherd

00 Night of Power

Love is my shepherd

I step out into the night,
a soft summer night,
and little fireflies are everywhere,
like little winged candles.

The stars seem so close,
I can touch them,
shining out of a midnight blue sky,
and I am surrounded
in the beauty
of an earth that has absorbed
the sunlight and now glows
with the luminescence
of the light
within the deep emerald green
darkness of the earth.

I feel everything centering,
like I have entered into
a peaceful valley,
and it has entered into me,
and peaceful spirits
move quietly in this great meadow.

Love is like a shepherd
that lives within me,
guiding my life,
surrounding me, moving me,
and everything moves out from
this centering peace.

Morning brings a bursting infusion
of the rays of the sun
to renew the inner light
of our beingness,
and like the leaves,
we draw its life giving
essence within us
to nourish us.

This valley is an exalted place
a sanctuary of peace
and beauty,
as the whole earth
was created to become.
I pray we live out
the vision and divine intention
of the love
that forms us.