Healing Fire

0000 Final Entry

Healing Fire

O blazing flame of love,

forever burning in my heart,

concealing a name

with sudden

flaring radiance,

consuming every image

that would reveal a secret face

in the dancing fire.

O reminding desire,

alive in the heat of longing,

why does love hide in the burning?

Are we the human furnace

to empower the new world?

Will the flickering light

of love’s yearning

open the door of heaven?


Does the immortality of love

require the yielding

of a single

lingering embrace?

Does the ecstasy

of imagination burn

more brightly

than a human kiss?


I fall into the sea of love

to cool the burning,

and discover there are many

ways to die,

as the waves wash away

the flames

and pull me under

to drown.


There is an aching sweetness

in wanting to die for love,

and a burning pain

to live without its healing touch,

as I am tossed upon the shore

to feel the more of it.

Who hears the cries and

endless sighs?


No such state as separation.

All is one existence.

Sounds so right and true,

but what has fused in oneness

cannot feel the marvelous

difference of

two hearts longing to be

wrapped in the arms of love.


Perhaps the restraint

of the heart

is a surrendered love


to be placed apart

from the beauty of the soul

to excite the world to

keep on turning.


Lovers are enlarged by pain,

transformed by


giving birth to spirit

to enter a vision

of the invisible kingdom

of love

just beyond our reach.


Who could explain such

denial of self

to suffer the flames

of love?

There is no answer

except the burning silence

in the enraptured

hearts of lovers.



painting by Rassouli

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