The Holy Spirit said to Mary

The Holy Spirit said to Mary:
Oh, the exemplar of charity! Don’t fear me!
I am the trusty one sent by the Divine.
Don’t hide yourself from me.
I am your dignity and honor!
Don’t hide yourself from me,
I am your comfort and confidant.
As the Holy Spirit uttered these words
The rays of pure light sprang from his lips
And shone upon the stars of the sky.
The Holy Spirit continued:
Oh Mary, how can you escape from my presence to non-existence?
I am the king of non-existence and I possess all of knowledge.
My very foundation and my seat is non-existence.
What is present before you is only an image of me.
Oh Mary! Look at me. I am an image hard to come by
I am the crescent you see up in the sky
I am the image within your heart.
When such image as this one settles in your heart
Wherever you go, it is within you.
This is not the delusion a false daylight
That appears and disappears before the morning.
I am the genuine light at dawn
And the darkness of night never gathers around my daylight.


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