00  98-16-Surrendering


Longing lures me beyond
these words,
beyond the limits of this
finite form.

What moving spirit
stirs within
to break the bonds
of this spinning sphere?

How can I surrender to what
my mind cannot explain?
Who dares split this heart apart
with love’s recurring refrain?

What light persists
with such touching tenderness,
softening and leaving me
so helpless to resist?

O divining guide of light,
is it the moon that commands
the pull of earth to release
its hold on this heart?

Thinning into luminous
light and air,
no longer visible, I disappear
into a blazing gaze,

vanishing from sight
lost in the sound of laughter,
mingling with particles
of dancing light.

O beckoning and faceless beauty
silencing my struggling mind,
summoning my soul,
you draw my spirit into your own.

Poetic expression by Naomi
Visual expression by Rassouli