O Shams of Every Age!


Dear Shams of every age,
burn our books,
throw our degrees in the pond,
for it takes far too long
to peel away
the layers
of acquired learning
to find the pearl within!

We need the beggar at the door
to challenge our lofty ideas
of ourselves!
We need the lover,
who unties our scholarly robes
to see who we are in the moonlight,
who makes us laugh
at our pretending postures
in the world.

One drop of pure intention
is a magic potion
to cure us of our self-imposed disease
of self-importance!!
One sip from your lips sends us
into an ocean
of spinning wheels of color
of sweet ecstasy!

O heart! Chase away
every ill wind that comes near
the garden of love!
Let the arrows fly
from the graceful curve
of your brow,
that sacred altar
arching above your piercing
gaze of desire!

Seduce me!
Reduce me to a fool,
but make me real,
help me feel all there is to feel!
Breathe your breath
into this hungry mouth
searching for the truth of love.

Touch me with a touch
that burns
with the too muchness of love!
Melt me into a puddle
of tears
to wash the dust
from your wandering feet.

O Love!
Silence my cold ideas
with the warmth of your laughter.
May icicles form
on my lips
if one more empty platitude
seeking your gratitude
slips out
of this foggy head!

O shepherd of Love!
Step across the threshold
of this waiting heart
and languish in the luxury
of a quiet corner,
where no one can speak
above a whisper
of anything
but love.

Sip the sweetness of light
from friends who
seek your well being,
and may the arrow of love
all inflated balloons
that carry the name
of your fame!

O shepherd of love,
gather the lost sheep
of the world
and hold them to your heart!
Carry us home to
the paradise of
your welcoming arms!
Sing us a lullaby
of love!