New Beginning

i_am_presence_479x600  Douet

New Beginning
A great flash of light
has gone out in all directions
brighter than the sun
seen and felt
within every heart
as rays of spiritual light
holy lightning
flaring from the source of all life
Open your hearts to be filled
with the light of love
The moment has come
when the cries of centuries
are heard
and love’s answer
is flooding the earth with
the sacred flow of living water
anointing and blessing
every life
Songs of lovers
sound out
with voices so sweet
the doors of heaven swing open
to allow the blending
of heaven and earth
to manifest divine intention
to create a family
fully human and fully divine
animating every life
charging every cell
with the glowing grace
of awareness
spreading the light of love
This is the world
as it was meant to be
This is the chalice placed
in our care
This is the answer
to every prayer

painting by douet
“I am Presence”