And God created woman

Painting: Grace of Alpha by Rassouli
And God created woman in the image of love
00  -  0002-24-GraceofAlpha

To me this is an image of the purity
and beauty of the soul
in the infinite circle of love
within the spiritual heart.

This is the circling center
of balance and wellbeing
i carry within me.
this is my church, my temple,
my mosque, my synagogue,
my monastery,
a safe house, a sheltering house,
a house of love, a winehouse
a thriving garden of flowering essence,
of eternally blossoming love,
a house of mystery and possibilities,
mesmerizing fragrance, pulsing life.
it is here where i am surrounded
in the embracing love of the beloved,
truly i am.

In my deepest and truest moments
the energy flows
from this purity when I write.

This gives me an image
of the holy beauty of love
that i secretly harbor
within my own soul.


(This speaks so personally to me,
i call it my signature painting,
in that it expresses
a very deep reality for me.)

6 Responses to “And God created woman”

  1. Larry Says:

    The picture is like an angel in raw amethyst radiating a white light of purity and innocence.

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    That is a lovely poetic description of the image.
    Perhaps you are a poet.
    The artist’s website is
    You will be in a poetic paradise if you wander there.


  3. Larry Says:

    I used to be a poet years ago when I was in the love/mystical phase of my spiritual journey. Now, I am much more literal and conceptual.

    Rassouli’s works are very evocative. They are a perfect fit for your poetry.

  4. Naomi Stone Says:


    And how is that working to enrich your life?

    Does that mean you are no longer in love?

    The mystics help me remember inclusiveness, the thrill of creating, and the joy of freedom.


  5. Larry Says:

    I think love consumed everything in one last ecstatic event. Since then, the intensity is gone; but love, freedom and joy gently underlie everything now. It is somewhat muted, but constant. I only have to listen.

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      I do understand that, and I am glad to hear it. The world needs its lovers. The mystics who survive the transformation…..eventually come to that quiet place of awareness of love dwelling in the heart ….of no longer needing to be seekers on a quest for something that is only outside of themselves. It is a beautiful grace.

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