Companion of My Heart

Companion of My Heart

O sweet love
heart of my heart
sweet breath of spirit
silent beauty of my soul
whispering wave of creation
blossoming mystery
a remembering laughter
bubbling up in the scent
and softness
as a child in my arms

O sweet love
sudden beauty bursting forth
as a new way of seeing
from a deeper place

O wondrous and following star
candle of the night
lighting the way through life
a visiting wisdom of creation
ever fashioning
new seasons of love
manifesting and mixing colors
forms and faces
changing and rearranging
flashing into
a divine moment beyond time
falling into
the dancing curls
of children
dancing light on dancing waves
dancing words
prancing across a page

O sweet love
my playmate and my friend
transforming every sorrow
into a new tomorrow
wings spreading in flight
sweeping plains and open skies
herald of expanding light
of morning
where I feel the breath
of love’s tender sighs

O sweet love
you set me free
from the boundaries I build
around my self
you welcome me
into your great embrace
the protecting aura
of your grace

O sweet love
rhythmic pulsing of my life
wondrous rushing wind
caressing breeze
beloved one
you are my rising sun
my sweet release
into the glory
of love’s returning peace