Love hears our cries

0 - Veil of Mystery

We can search the world
for faces and names and places
where answers are
dispensed for a few silver coins!

Oh dear ones, we can hunt
for the answers to riddles,
bow to the robed ones
with knowledge and books,
wear our pretentious pleading looks,
but the treasure we seek
is cleverly hidden
from our ravenous minds,
from our ambition,
from our acts of contrition,
from our purchased pardons,
from our framed degrees
and our desperate need to know!

Beneath the hard ground of winter,
seeds are waiting to grow,
and deep within the ground
of your being
are secrets of spring
to be revealed
when the ice begins to melt
from around your tender hearts.

An eternal essence
waits in the blossoming joy
of a mysterious beauty
hovering within you
spiraling toward freedom
beyond the prison of your fears!

Cry the tears!
Allow love to melt the years
into moments
of streaming joy.
Let the flowering fragrance
of your longing
fill the air with songs
for the beloved
and every heart will hear
love’s call!