the gift of beholding

Rassouli - In Awe

The Gift of Beholding

Belovedness is a flowing essence
an incandescence
rising far beyond the letters
of the word
an exalted spirit of nearness
an unseen love
that falls into the heart
that is forever young
expanding into soulful revelations
of green valleys
and meadows of eternal spring
of mountains that touch the sun
renewed in the coolness
of a cleansing autumn rain
replenished by
deeply enchanting music
cresting on a wave
of silent sweetness
and aching tenderness

Belovedness is an expression
of a private vulnerability
a sacred innocence
concealed in the soul
released by love
appearing in the beauty
and light of creation
placing the glowing crown
of divine love upon
the curls
of the beloved

painting by rassouli