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October 30, 2009

00 Night of Power

in the darkness……there is the comforting of God
in the light…..there is the radiance of God
in the allness….there is the greatness of God
in the remembrance…..there is the promise of God
in the nearness….there is the intimacy of God
in the silence…..there is the peace of God
in the heart………….there is the pulsing of God
in the breath…………….there is the life of God
in the presence………there is the friendship of God
in the voice………there is the sound of God
in the touch…….there is the embrace of God
in sleeping…..there is rest in God
in the longing…….there is the summoning spirit of God
in the bread……there is the sustenance of God
in the water…..there is the flowing of God
in the wine……there is the ecstasy of God
in the words…….there is the energy of God
in the hearing…..there is the listening of God
in the taste……there is the goodness of God
in the scent…..there is the fragrance of God
in the seeing……there is the beauty of God
in creating……there is the sharing of God
in walking…..there is the movement of God
in tears…..there is the fullness of God
in laughter…..there is the delight of God
in pleasure…..there is the sweetness of God
in sadness…..there is the compassion of God
in pain……there is the intensity of God
in gratitude……there is the gift of God
in joy…..there is the playfulness of God
in love…..there is the presence of God
in surrender…….there is union with God

Wings of Joy

October 28, 2009

00 Seeds of Life


Love gathers the fragments
of my heart
singing me a new song
a new start to begin again
Love gathers my tears
and my fears
hearing my cries
and my sighs
Love opens my eyes
renews and restores
and opens doors
turning my striving
into thriving
Love welcomes me
and helps me see
how Love will set me free
to become Love
remembering to sing
that Love is everything
and there is no life without its wings
to carry my heart to thee

painting by Rassouli

O beloved One

October 28, 2009


O beloved One…

on this night of nights
there are no glowing lights

i see no imagined dream
i feel no comforting touch

no ear can hear your will
even the silence is strangely still

where are you in this void
where nothing can be perceived or seen

what feels like absence or separation
is but a moment poised in your creation

perhaps your presence abides in emptiness
far more than in our flowering visions of fullness

at the end of my breathing in and breathing out
there is a pause…a stillness…poised to open to your spirit

a veil is lowered to reveal a secret entrance
to enter the timelessness of your divine existence

nothingness may be a void to our senses
yet it hides the light of spirit summoning our soul

suspended beyond all slumbering i dangle
in a spacelessness that conceals your unseen realms

i breathe…i dance…i sing…i play…i moan…
and realize my life finds form through your grace alone

we are each and every one expressions of your love
we are your moods… your laughter…and your falling tears

O beloved one…my heart leaps to declare
all in heaven and earth are circling particles of you

The Oracle of Love

October 26, 2009


The Oracle

Out of depths we cannot define,
a spring opens inside us,
and when the truth of our being
begins to move,
all the powers on earth
cannot silence the Voice of Love
that longs to touch
the passionate
and profound beauty of Life
aching to be born
and expressed through
our hearts.

We are only empty echoes
of other voices
until we surrender
into the current
of the flowing energy
that connects us with the power
of who we truly are
and why we are here
in this present moment
of our lives.

Love awakens something
so sacred and precious
within us
that creation itself
is drawn toward its expression
and invites
us to dance and play
and celebrate
a new way to live.

We are oracles
born to sing of the joy
of love.

painting by Rassouli

The Wayfarers

October 24, 2009

O dear ones, if you desire
the true water of eternal life,
look for its source in the dust
on the path of the wayfarers.



Oh, dear friends of the heart,
there are precious clues in the dust
left on the path
of the wandering ones,
footprints leading to the heart,
clues painted on the sky
in the glittering colors of stardust
to give pleasure to our eyes,
the gentle caress
of unseen fingers in the night breeze
stroking and ruffling our hair,
songs from the nightbirds,
the beauty of the moonlight pouring out
its glowing light upon the garden
of our hearts,
the musky fragrance of love
reaching through
our illusions of separation
to bring remembrance
of unity
to our souls.

Wayfarers are lovers
sweeping the path outside our doors
to prepare the way
for the beloved.


painting by rassouli

verse by hafiz
translation by rassouli

poetic expression by naomi

Sing only of Love

October 23, 2009

00  - open arms  - open heart    2qvsitj

Sing Only of Love

Everything but love drifts and falls
from life like autumn leaves
that are lost in the wind.

It is the writer’s gift to write
the dancer’s gift to dance
the painter’s to paint

We wander and search until we hear
our hearts whispering secrets
of love in our ear

It is the builder’s gift to build our dreams
and a parent’s gift to provide
to nurture and to love

It is the doctor’s gift to help and heal
a child’s gift to learn and play
and celebrate each day

It is the warrior’s gift to battle
the enemies within himself
until peace is won.

Each to each walks the path we are given
and follows the star that guides
us to our hearts

Love walks before us in our wandering
following after to comfort us when
we are weary and feel alone

I close my eyes to nestle in the arms of grace
and meet the gaze of beauty
in every face

May we fall on our knees in thanksgiving
surrender to Love’s gift of forgiving
and know the true Joy of living

May we lift our arms to the sky
use our voices to rejoice
and sing only of love

The Light of Longing

October 22, 2009

000  Hidden Spirit

The Light of Longing

Only the desert is large enough
to hold the awakened longing
of my song tonight

Only the ocean could contain the rising
and falling of the waves
flowing from the love I feel

Only the sky can open wide enough
to carry the whirling winds
to the beloved’s heart

Only the night can veil the gaze of hearts
that flow into the vast silence
cradling a million stars

The moaning of the wind carries
the hidden cries of countless lovers
longing for the beloved

The yearning breaks free of the body
escaping through the lips
piercing the sky with centuries of desire.

Love bursts into light and hovers as a star
that settles and spreads its rays
over the dwelling place of the beloved

Perhaps the sky becomes a scroll
for us to write our glowing letters of love
with silver light from our searching eyes

Imagine the beloved beholding
our endless cries filling the chest
of eternity with the sound of our sighs

The moon breaks into a smile and reflects
gentle light pouring from the sun
touching us with the blush of divine desire

Let our tears fill the oceans to the brim
as love expands the universe
to hold the flowing wine of lovers

May all those intimate with the night
keep singing and sending love
to keep the beloved awake. to create

We have so much to appreciate
to praise and be grateful for the glory
and beauty of our story of love

The First Breath of Freedom

October 21, 2009


as the world fades from sight
and the dark hair of the beloved
falls around the shoulders of the night
i align with the joyful light
within the heart

the rolling sea of my soul splits apart
and reveals a secret path to more
than I have ever known before

the power of love launches me
from the sheltering sea
on my way to see
what it means to be free

painting by Rassouli
poetic expression by Naomi

a wildflower moment

October 20, 2009

00 Field of wildflowers
a wildflower moment

in the moment we spring free
from the beliefs and opinions of other minds
including that smaller version of ourselves
who thinks and believes
we are who others think we are

the world of illusion throws us out
and in that precious moment

we are thrown into a wilderness of wonder
into a field of wildflowers where we can see the sky
where the heart comes out of hiding
and we hear a grateful sigh
that comes
from deep within
our endless searching for someone
who just might love us
for who we are
without trying to make us
into another version
of themselves

in that glorious moment

we fall into the infinite sea of the soul
where that siren in our dreams is calling out to us
to come into deeper waters to play
in the mystery of the unknown

where the seasons erase the landscape
in order to make something new

where cloudiness can be more captivating
than clear skies

where the wind scatters seeds at random

where the rain transforms
an empty field into wildflowers
inviting us to bask in the life-giving beauty
of the wondrous possibilities
of new beginnings

where we breathe the fresh air
of freedom

where love and the light of joy
becomes our rising sun

i will meet you there
dear one

Soul’s Journey

October 19, 2009

00  99-04-SoulsJourney

Soul’s Journey

I have been circling and spinning
within your majestic presence
since the dawn of creation.
I have known you since the birth of thought
in the brilliance of the rays
streaming from the sacred stars
of your divine mind.

I was conceived in the divine womb
of your heart
and knew life in the moment
love created form.

I hear you in the silent stars,
feel your breath in the gentle winds
of heaven.
I breathe the fragrance
and taste the dew of your blossoming
essence each morning
as it falls to earth to grace
the gardens of my life.

The energy flowing in your cosmic soul
shimmers and circles within me
like the spheres and forms of heaven
circle endlessly in space
attracted and held by the invisible
power of your heart.

The grand dream of life burst into being
when the wonder of your longing
painted the world with color
and your hands smoothed
us into the divine substance
of your love.

I am forever drawn
to the light of your face.
Your breath is a breeze of the flowing
essence and spirit of your grace.

Earth to Heaven and Heaven to Earth,
sky to meadows and meadows to sky
I fly and play in each day you create.
Land to sea and sea to land,
moutain peaks to valleys green
I wander in all you have made
touching and smiling and glowing
with the glory of the creation
of your precious hands.

Life is my spiraling journey to you,
as our dancing hearts
swing and sway and swirl in the music
of your enchanting nights
and the radiance of your days.
You are the love of my life
the light of my heart
the soul of my soul
now and forever.

poetic expression by Naomi
painting by Rassouli