midnight moon

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midnight moon

waves flowing from the
morning sun to the midnight moon
caress the shore
of my being

a moon rises in a midnight sky
and i awaken
singing love’s own song to love
for all beauty issues
from love
and only love grants
its own heavenly graces
to my heart to sing

i pray love’s own prayer to love
for love has mercy
upon this longing heart
and sends its spirit to pray
in answer
to my endless cries

i breathe love’s own breath
to feel its gentle breeze
soothing this poor soul
as i humbly fall upon my knees
before love’s own altar
of beauty

i offer thanksgiving
and seek forgiveness
for every borrowed moment
and every borrowed word i use
to speak love’s own name
as if it were my own
for of my self
i have nothing
except what sweet blessings
love bestows
upon this poor heart

if love were to fail
to remember
this created form
i would cease to exist
and i foolishly presume to think
that i am
something in this world
beyond what love creates
through this illusion
of emptiness

i am nothing except
what love manifests
in this finite form
for however long love grants
me the privilege
of dwelling in the shadows
of its precious name

i dance in love’s own joy
and play in
love’s own light
adorned with love’s delight
appearing only
as long as love decides
to allow me to be a mirror
that reflects
the flickering flames
scattering sparks of divine fire
out of love’s own deep desire
to create a heart to love

love’s own hope
touches me awake
and seeks my consent
to become
a living flame of love
that would say yes to love’s
own longing
to create a likeness
that would spring into being
to dwell
with the source of all love
as a beloved

miracle of all miracles
i am anointed
and blessed to be a blessing
as love leaps into
this imitation heart
and sets it ablaze with sweet
and tender touches only
love can give

a flashing vision of grace grants
a glimpse of a glowing face
that blinds these human eyes
as love’s own deeper sight
takes their place
and becomes a guiding light
to draw me
into the arms of love

i awaken only
in the moment that
i fall into love’s embrace
as my heart begins
to overflow
in waves of glory
giving birth
to love