The Mystery of Love

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The Mystery of Love

I was nothing until caught
in your bewildering gaze.
I was emptiness until the light
of your heart flooded my being.
I was longing until the fire of your love
ignited the spark of life within me.
I was a flickering flame until
your energy set me blazing.
I was invisible until you
clothed my spirit with your beauty.
I was only an image until you
awakened my soul.
I was entrapped in another dimension
until you crossed the river of time.
I was alone until you entered
the sanctuary of my heart.
I was merely existing until your
love revealed my life
I was a conscious mind until
my heart began to beat with yours.
I was blind until I began to see
the infinite faces of your beauty.
I was lost until I reached
the kingdom of the beloved
and found you there.