Heaven in our Hearts

00  Inspiration and  Creative Thoughts

God is a never ending dream
a present reality
a creator forever creating
a spiritual father ceaselessly caring
a beloved eternally loving
a boundless friend
a perpetual nearness
a source
of everlasting grace

God is abundance
flowing as the breath of life
the sacrament of every moment
an infinite heart
receiving our prayers
the rising answer to
every longing

God is the bread and wine
that satisfies
our hunger
the water that quenches
our thirst
the safety of silence that
quiets our fears

God is laughter
the rhythm of falling rain
showering sunlight
infinite beauty
the gift of inner peace
and the excitement
of desire

God is the house
the guest and the host
the celebration of gathering
the glory of belonging
the closeness of intimate sharing
the gentle listener
the giver
of every blessing now
and forever

God is the secret promise
the indefinable mystery
the unreachable light
the eternal flame
who becomes
a child nestling within us
creating heaven
in our hearts

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