a wildflower moment

00 Field of wildflowers
a wildflower moment

in the moment we spring free
from the beliefs and opinions of other minds
including that smaller version of ourselves
who thinks and believes
we are who others think we are

the world of illusion throws us out
and in that precious moment

we are thrown into a wilderness of wonder
into a field of wildflowers where we can see the sky
where the heart comes out of hiding
and we hear a grateful sigh
that comes
from deep within
our endless searching for someone
who just might love us
for who we are
without trying to make us
into another version
of themselves

in that glorious moment

we fall into the infinite sea of the soul
where that siren in our dreams is calling out to us
to come into deeper waters to play
in the mystery of the unknown

where the seasons erase the landscape
in order to make something new

where cloudiness can be more captivating
than clear skies

where the wind scatters seeds at random

where the rain transforms
an empty field into wildflowers
inviting us to bask in the life-giving beauty
of the wondrous possibilities
of new beginnings

where we breathe the fresh air
of freedom

where love and the light of joy
becomes our rising sun

i will meet you there
dear one