Sing only of Love

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Sing Only of Love

Everything but love drifts and falls
from life like autumn leaves
that are lost in the wind.

It is the writer’s gift to write
the dancer’s gift to dance
the painter’s to paint

We wander and search until we hear
our hearts whispering secrets
of love in our ear

It is the builder’s gift to build our dreams
and a parent’s gift to provide
to nurture and to love

It is the doctor’s gift to help and heal
a child’s gift to learn and play
and celebrate each day

It is the warrior’s gift to battle
the enemies within himself
until peace is won.

Each to each walks the path we are given
and follows the star that guides
us to our hearts

Love walks before us in our wandering
following after to comfort us when
we are weary and feel alone

I close my eyes to nestle in the arms of grace
and meet the gaze of beauty
in every face

May we fall on our knees in thanksgiving
surrender to Love’s gift of forgiving
and know the true Joy of living

May we lift our arms to the sky
use our voices to rejoice
and sing only of love