The Wayfarers

O dear ones, if you desire
the true water of eternal life,
look for its source in the dust
on the path of the wayfarers.



Oh, dear friends of the heart,
there are precious clues in the dust
left on the path
of the wandering ones,
footprints leading to the heart,
clues painted on the sky
in the glittering colors of stardust
to give pleasure to our eyes,
the gentle caress
of unseen fingers in the night breeze
stroking and ruffling our hair,
songs from the nightbirds,
the beauty of the moonlight pouring out
its glowing light upon the garden
of our hearts,
the musky fragrance of love
reaching through
our illusions of separation
to bring remembrance
of unity
to our souls.

Wayfarers are lovers
sweeping the path outside our doors
to prepare the way
for the beloved.


painting by rassouli

verse by hafiz
translation by rassouli

poetic expression by naomi