O beloved One


O beloved One…

on this night of nights
there are no glowing lights

i see no imagined dream
i feel no comforting touch

no ear can hear your will
even the silence is strangely still

where are you in this void
where nothing can be perceived or seen

what feels like absence or separation
is but a moment poised in your creation

perhaps your presence abides in emptiness
far more than in our flowering visions of fullness

at the end of my breathing in and breathing out
there is a pause…a stillness…poised to open to your spirit

a veil is lowered to reveal a secret entrance
to enter the timelessness of your divine existence

nothingness may be a void to our senses
yet it hides the light of spirit summoning our soul

suspended beyond all slumbering i dangle
in a spacelessness that conceals your unseen realms

i breathe…i dance…i sing…i play…i moan…
and realize my life finds form through your grace alone

we are each and every one expressions of your love
we are your moods… your laughter…and your falling tears

O beloved one…my heart leaps to declare
all in heaven and earth are circling particles of you