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Prayer of the Heart

November 28, 2009

Prayer of the Heart


Somewhere in the world

a heart is longing for a word

of loving support,

some show of kindness

to feel someone is there

who hears a silent prayer.


Somewhere in the world

someone is wondering

if anyone cares.


Somewhere in an unknown place

another heart is longing

to offer an embrace

to sing a song of hope and grace

to give and share the prayer

be the one who cares.


Somewhere out in empty space

the longings touch

and a face comes into view

Where there were two apart

the two become as one

reaching for the sun.


We will never know how many times

when we cry out in the night

a light goes on in someone’s room

as someone hears our prayer

and begins to sing a lullaby

to soothe the lonely cry.


Love keeps a vigil night and day

to catch the silent tear that falls

for love knows when someone calls

there is someone on the way

to kiss away the tears

and calm the mounting fears.


Love may be found in the softness

and sound of the brush of wings,

in the nearness of a friend,

or in words that fall upon this page,

but for each heart that is broken,

somewhere a prayer is spoken.


Formed by Unseen Hands

November 25, 2009

Formed by Unseen Hands

When all I thought I had is gone
and it seems
all is nothingness,
I hold a child to my heart,
sing a song of freedom,
breathe in the living scent of the earth
rock in the rhythmic waves of love,
bask in the open sky,
and watch the clouds streaming
like silken strands of hair
in the winds of heaven.

I savor the soothing coolness of water
that quenches a deeper thirst,
taste the living bread
from which I have been formed,
find a quiet place
to lay my head,
and my heart remembers
the true abundance of love.
I drop the robe of worldly disguise,
and let the eyes of love
bless the nakedness of my truth
in the moonlight.

I feel the spirit ever flowing
in the secret spaces
where delight hides in holy anticipation
and a growing elation
that waits to appear in nearness
that manifests miracles
of belovedness to revive and
renew my heart.

The presence of the One
pierces the illusion of my life,
tenderly lifts the shadows
of an old self,
now dying on the cross of time,
sweeps through me
with the breath,
that breathes All that lives,
infusing my heart
with compassion and grace,
with divine intention
beyond my human knowing
and fills me with truth
so sweet,
I gratefully surrender.

I have no way of knowing
what is a good and right way to live
for another soul.
I only know the moment
of my own becoming,
when my heart awakens in the flow
of another heart,
that answers a longing
that grew from the beginning of time,
when light first fell upon
this universe.

I can only sing of a love so great,
so bountiful, so inspiring,
I touch a silence within,
blessing and lifting me
to dwell in heaven
illumined in the curving arc
of spiraling arms
of light and revelation
to live in deep adoration
and inexpressible joy.


Healing Power of Love

November 22, 2009

Wanted to share this reflection on gratitude with you!
It is such a powerful concept….in this meditation….just think of it….
It struck me with the power of revelation…like a lightning flash of truth.

In my deepest wound, I saw your glory and it dazzled me!

Oh, I feel the truth of that! Wonderful point of meditation.
Oh the gift of love comes so powerfully in forgiveness…in caring for another….it gives us a chance to love so deeply.

Give me your failure, and I will make life out of it…..what a promise!

This is the redemptive power of the message of love of the gospels…..beautiful healing gift of divine love.
When I feel the depth of loneliness and pain of the world….I enter the wounds and I feel and share in Love’s healing touch.

When we feel our poverty….our smallness….or the broken aspects of our selves, and an awareness of our poor hearts, Love comes rushing in to fill the chalice with divine healing. Our humility invites God’s Greatness to love us. Here is something of the divinity of opposites that is truly beautiful in the relationship with our Beloved. The burden becomes a moment of anointing.

Thrilling revelation of the power of love!

Love, Naomi

Daily Meditation: What can our wounds do for us? Nov 22, 2009

by Richard Rohr

Question of the Day:
What can our wounds do for us?

Give me your failure, God says, and I will make life out of it. Give me your broken, disfigured, rejected, betrayed lives, like the body you see hanging on the cross, and I will make life out of it. This is the divine pattern of promise and transformation which gives such hope to history. It is probably the central Gospel message.
We are all still handicapped and terribly aware of our wounds, but as St. Augustine (354 – 430) says in his Confessions, “In my deepest wound I saw your glory and it dazzled me.” Figure that one out! He seems to be saying that against all expectations our very failures can be our way through to God and to ourselves. That utterly levels the playing field. Even Julian of Norwich (1342-1416), at the risk of shocking us, says, “God sees our wounds, and sees them not as scars but as honors….For God holds sin as a sorrow and pain to us. He does not blame us for them” (Revelations of Divine Love, Chapter 39, Showing 13). Wow!
If the Gospel is true, we might actually eventually thank God for our very weaknesses and failures.

Adapted from Everything Belongs, p.166

Drawing of Jesus and the Lamb
by artist: Katherine Brown

beyond flight, beyond wings, beyond everything

November 21, 2009


O my beautiful ones,
my dear ones,
light is shining out
from the eyes of love,
like the face of the crystal
reflecting the light of the rainbow
hidden in form!

Do you know who you are?

Do you remember the Source of Light
beyond the sun?

Do you remember how Love
brought you into being?

A million paths are open
for you to find your way home.
Which one will you choose?

With each new birth,
your wandering ways are imprinted
in the sands of the desert
and then blown away by the winds.
Each river that flows to the sea
disappears in the sea.

How is love guiding you?

If you follow a person, a book, or a name,
each will vanish before you
and leave you standing before
a vast empty darkness
within yourself,

Has love befriended you?
Have you become a friend to love?
If you love a person, a book, or a name,
love will guide you
beyond the person, beyond the book,
beyond all names,
beyond the sun,
beyond the whirling one,
beyond the beggar having fun
and teasing you.

If you follow your lover,
you become a lover,
until the lover disappears,
and in your longing
beyond time,
you become love,

Love is eternally flowing spirit
appearing and disappearing
taking any form
it likes to charm and disarm
your illusions,
to quiet your endless talking
and fascination with
your self.

Love is forever expanding,
and as it does,
so does the universe,
and so do we,
for love is paradise
here on earth and beyond.

Love is who we are
and who we are meant to be.
Love is the kingdom.
Love is the song we sing.
Love is everything.

A Song of Surrendering

November 21, 2009


I curl into the sacred sanctuary
and softness
of the peace and stillness
of your countenance.
I breathe deeply,
drawing from the divine depth
and breadth
of your caring love.

I sigh and cry and dissolve
into your beauty,
lifted in a new energy,
as I see through your eyes,
cradled in the haven
and warmth of your sacred heart,
a heart ever open
to all who love you and
dare to enter.

Crossing the threshold,
i flow into love
that will never leave me,
and never let me go,
for everything is changed and new,
as i melt into
the alchemy of the gentle fire
that burns away the tarnish
of the world i tried
to make alone, on my own.

i can do nothing without love,
nor would i presume to try,
not anymore, not now,
for i had so little understanding
of what surrendering
would truly mean,
as i heard the prayer pouring
from my lips.

The light of spirit
has become my placelessness,
the glowing membrane
of divine skin,
the invisible placenta of heaven,
that surrounds
and provides all i will ever
need to live,
forever giving
birth to the spirit of love.

i am new and more alive
than i have ever been,
moved by the
throbbing impulse
of creation,
and the divine intention
and glory of love.



Gateway to Eternity

November 19, 2009


Gateway to Eternity

With all the wisdom we encounter
in our wandering
as seekers in the world,
we long to express
and share the treasures
that we discover along the way,
hoping to enlighten others
with all we have found.

God surely has a sense of humor,
for the truth we seek
has been hidden within us,
and we are the only
faithful follower sitting at the feet
of the Beloved
within our own hearts.

Every pilgrimage leads us home
from where we began
to discover
we are the lover we seek,
and the beloved,
who dwells in the sheltering love
forever yearning to be
free to love.

All uncertainty comes
from turning away from God,
from running away
from the fullness of divine love
of the One who pursues us,
for it is impossible
to believe
we could be so loved.

The Beloved is the ultimate,
the highest
and the clearest love,
given as a gift of grace,
as the voice of God,
infused so delicately into our hearts
telling us stories
and serenading us
with love songs
all about how perfectly
we are loved.

The deep well,
the flowing river,
the spring within us,
the effervescent fountain
bubbling from the locus of our being
is the breathless beauty
that is God
showering us with Love,
the Source
from which all Life flows.

The Allness of Love
is incomprehensible,
so we become the Lover
that draws the Ocean of Spirit,
the ever flowing river
through all that we are,
allowing Love to settle and center,
becoming a glowing essence
within and surrounding
the heart,
the ever expanding presence
in the hallowed chambers
of the sacred interior
in the sanctuary
of love.

When we see another
through the vision of the heart,
the door swings open
inviting us
to cross the threshold
into the Oneness
of the heart of our own

The flaming sword guarding the gate
of paradise is removed,
and the secret garden blossoms
into the Joy
of an eternal spring
where lovers live forever
and ever and ever.

poetic expression by Naomi
painting by Rassouli
“Gateway to Eternity”

Rivering Prayer of Remembrance

November 18, 2009


A Prayer of Remembrance

Created for all dear hearts
in remembrance
of the One
who created us.

To honor and celebrate
the moment we were born,
I sing this song
from my heart,
each day and each night.

A thousand gifts I would send you,
A thousand songs my heart would sing,
A thousand visions of beauty
I would share with you.
A thousand messages of love I would write to you,
A thousand verses I would create for you,
and I would fill your heart with the fragrance
of roses, of night blooming jasmine,
with the song of the nightingale,
and I would surround you with the fragrance
of the hair of the Beloved
on the breezes from the kingdom
where the Beloved dwells.

I would shower you with light
from the fountain of the sun in the day
and surround you with the glow of the moon at night.
I would fill the sky with stars to smile upon you,
and I would paint the sky each day
for the pleasure of your eyes.

I would create a path from the Heart of the Beloved
into your heart and hide the secrets of my love
in places only you would know.
I would find a thousand surpises
to let you know how loved
you are each day.

I would do all these things
to reveal my love,
but you already have them all
in the precious sanctuary of your heart,
so drink the wine, dear one,
and savor the secrets in
the sacred silence of your soul.

What more could we ever want?

The bridge between heaven and earth
seems to be formed
through a fusion of lover’s hearts
ever creating
a necklace of stars,
a garland of blossoming beauty,
golden threads of longing
that wind and weave their way
across the universe,
into lover’s hearts.

It is the enchanting gift
of the lovers of the Beloved,
which they share with each other.

My wish each day
is to share the prayer
of longing
that All people
will one day become lovers
and every day will be a new day
to give birth to the beloved
in a new way!

With Love, Naomi

Sacred Journey

November 17, 2009


Sacred Journey

The Beloved is waiting for us
within our hearts,
arising like the sun
to shine a light
on our own radiance
that longs to be revealed
and expressed
through the life we
have been given.

Beauty is a beacon
that beckons and attracts beauty
that is veiled and innocent,
sheltered in the shadows
and beliefs
that cloud the mirror
our own image.

Love is the clear window
that reveals the
inner light
surrounding our hearts
our freedom
to share and express its
deepest treasures.

Give the gift of your love
and never count
the cost or loss,
for love replenishes,
renews, and multiplies
its value.
It is an investment
in life itself.

The golden light of love
welcomes us
with open arms
and open hearts,
and suddenly, we recognize
the eyes of God
are looking through
our own.

poetic expression by Naomi
painting by Rassouli
“Sacred Journey”

The Commander

November 16, 2009

00  99-13-theCommander


There are commandments made
by generals and royal decrees by kings.
Harems are ruled by self-appointed sultans,
and the ranks are many of those
who think they have the right
to tell others what to do.

In the world of lovers, there is only
one commander,
who is given the divine right
to speak or to command the heart,
and it is Love,
whose standing truth
and revelation
is to surrender to Love.

When the heart responds
and answers the call,
the sun rises in the heavens,
the moon reveals its glory,
and the stars wink and twinkle
and began to shine and replicate
and create new stars.
The mind is lost in a wine-colored glow,
wondering where it
thought it was going
forgetting what it was
so intent on doing.

The commander comes in beauty
quietly in the night,
charming and disarming,
with violets woven in the ringlets
of flowing curls,
that will not be subdued
nor chained or restrained by braids
or ribbons or jewels,
nor will it follow rules
of propriety.
Love’s laughing hair flies
in the face of society
following only
the freedom of the wind!

O lovers! Be aware of the snare
of disordered orders
from one who wants to control
or meet a goal!
Listen to the sweet song
of the nightingale
who knows the rose
and the sensuous petals
of the heart
that blossom and bare the beauty
of love’s mysteries
to the beloved alone.

poetic expression by Naomi
visual image by Rassouli

Mysterious Encounter

November 14, 2009

Mysterious Encounter

The penetration of seeing eyes
can be a deeper way
of making love
than flesh meeting flesh
could ever be.

We can be seduced by a thought,
or manipulated through fear,
and we can travel from here to there
or go anywhere
clutching an arrow of thought.

A voice can find its way
into a heart
through a song
in a way so subtle,
we are unaware
of how it slips
beyond the barriers we build.

Scents and smells take us back in time,
awakening senses to recall
and enthrall
and set us on a path
of desiring that stimulates
a hunger for more.

Longing opens a door
to places we have never seen,
faces we have never known
and lets us fly
where we have never flown.

Pure love pierces the heart
and opens the light
of the soul
as spirit touches spirit in such
a sacred way
that we are set free
and beautifully
to see with the heart.
If we could only surrender
to love.


poetic expression by
painting: Mysterious Encounter
by Rassouli