My dear friends

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My dear friends and brothers and sisters in God,

We arise from the Source, and we touch the beauty deep within each expression of the Source of all creation. All names melt into the fire of love that sparks and burns and flames like the sun giving light and life to the infinite variety of All that God creates. We flow in a rivering stream of God’s love …wanting to flow out to each other, drawing on all the energy and all the opposites, and all expressions from the treasures and gifts God has opened to us…..which include forgiveness, mercy, beauty, healing, patience, endurance, kindness, and endless wonder. God allows us to share in life itself as new life is formed and expressed in the womb, and we discover God in our arms as a child to love. The children grow into our brothers and sisters and friends on the path of loving. We are ALL God’s sons and daughters struggling to live God’s truth and beauty alive within each one of us. We are the living words, the dancers, the lovers, the heart expression of God’s Glory.
May our prayers bring us remembrance of God’s love, and may we share it generously with each other in the infinite variety with which God has expressed it to us.

My Love to You All,